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London College of Communication

Ian D. Fleming

Year Two Leader, BA (Hons) Film and Television
London College of Communication
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Ian  D. Fleming


Ian D. Fleming is a multi award winning screenwriter, director, producer and Year Two Leader for BA (Hons) Film and Television at London College of Communication.

Ian joined LCC from a bright industry career and longstanding tenures as an Associate or Visiting lecturer at universities including University of Chichester, Bournemouth University, London Guildhall. He has taught and mentored students and professionals in both higher education settings and in the industry.

Alongside his academic career, Ian is a Royal Television Society judge and professional mentor. He is also a member of Directors UK and continues his professional practice in industry.

From a career start in music, Ian has enjoyed over 20 years as a key creative in many film and TV productions. Self-penned short drama Little Boy Soldiers, kick-started his career, winning a Sony Award and a Royal Television Society Award.

Ian went on to produce UK Film Council shorts, write commissioned screenplays and direct high-profile TV dramas including Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, Sky One's Dream Team, Disney’s Evermoor and second unit on Warner Brothers movie Centurion under Oscar winning producer Christian Coulson (Slumdog Millionaire) and Robert Jones (Usual Suspects).

As part of a world-leading team in transmedia content creation, Ian was at the spearhead of innovation, directing a range of award winning online teen-drama serials including Disney’s Evermoor Confidential Chronicles, E4’s The Morning After The Night Before, Freshers and Hollyoaks DocYou.

In 2017 Ian consolidated this work by creating a Royal Television Society award-winning series of social media campaign films on the subject of teenage safe driving awareness.

Ian is currently engaged both as creator of TV sports-drama serial The Academy and as screenwriter-director on the development of British folk-horror movie Witchbane. As a commissioned screenwriter on UK rom-com Where There’s A Will, Ian is collaborating with esteemed actor-director David Hayman for a projected 2018 shoot.

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