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Elisa Ghysels

Associate Lecturer, BA (Hons) Design for Branded Spaces
London College of Communication
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Elisa  Ghysels


Elisa Ghysels is an Associate Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Branded Spaces course at London College of Communication. She is an artist, creative director and scenographer. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in Performance Design and Practice in 2018.

Elisa currently works as the in-house creative for Family LTD, where she is responsible for the concept and the design of immersive experiences for high-end fashion designers in London. Alongside that, she undertakes freelance work as an art director on films and a creative director on fashion events and photoshoots.

Before that, she was working in the creation department and the sustainability department at Villa Eugénie in Brussels and Paris where they designed and produce shows for the biggest fashion houses (Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Swarovski, Dries Van Noten) during Paris Fashion Week.

Sustainability is always at the core of Elisa's designs and she is working on finding new ways of making fashion relevant in a changing society. It is also important to her to keep a social dimension to her practice. Elisa uses her skills and aesthetics to open up dialogues that explore important social topics such as climate change, feminism and the refugee crisis.

Elisa was invited as an artist in residence at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Centre in New York in 2014 and 2016 and at La Case Na Ilha, Sao Paulo in 2018. Her work has been showcased at La Petite Garconne and at the Jam Hotel, Brussels in 2019, as well as a collaborative installation at the Royal Academy Lates, London in 2019.

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