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Ed Baxter

Associate Lecturer, BA (Hons) Sound Arts
London College of Communication
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Ed  Baxter


Ed Baxter is an Associate Lecturer on BA (Hons) Sound Arts, specialising in radio.

His academic background lies in Romanticism (he was a co-editor of the complete works of Thomas De Quincey) and his interests have been shaped mostly by post-modernism.

Baubles bestowed include being a BASCA Composer of the Year (Sonic Arts) and runner up for both a Sony Award and the PRSF New Music Award. He is one of “100 people who have made Britain a better, happier place” according to The Independent on Sunday's Happiness List.

Ed is a wayward polymath who has worked opportunistically, occasionally presciently, and with a devil-may-care attitude to received wisdom in numerous fields which he now draws together in his radiophonic practice.

He has been (and sometimes still is) an artist, producer, lecturer, author, curator, researcher, critic, composer, performer, instigator, broadcaster, script-writer, promoter, record label boss, publisher, editor, typographer and book-seller.

As a concert curator and producer, Ed's productions for London Musicians' Collective (LMC) in the 1990s and 2000s constitute the most significant and broadly influential work of its kind in the areas of new music and live sound art. The LMC archive is currently stored at the LCC.

Ed typically works collaboratively on ambitious and laborious radiophonic artworks, post-expressionist in intent and concerned with bringing into equilibrium disparate materials within the frame of radio-space.

These broadcasts involve all manner of people - from John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin to opera singer Rodney Earl Clarke, from rock climber Jim Perrin to minimalist composer Elo Masing, from fine artist Luke Fowler to Tom Graham from The Archers.

They are textually dense, musically promiscuous, formally exploratory, site-specific, collectively-realised works aimed simultaneously at live and radio audiences. Recent commissions have come from European Capital of Culture Esch2022, Exeter University Arts & Culture, HearSay International Audio Arts Festival, Radiophrenia, Rough for Opera, and Radio Revolten Internationales Radiokunst-Festival.

Ed is also the creative director of the internationally acclaimed, London-based, arts-focused community radio station Resonance FM. He encourages students to contribute to this unique project (and its experimental wing, Resonance Extra) which is based a few hundred yards from the LCC.

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