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Beverley Carruthers

Photography Programme
London College of Communication
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Beverley  Carruthers


Beverley Carruthers is an award-winning senior lecturer working on the BA (Hons) Photography programme at London College of Communication, for which she was Course Leader for many years. Celebrating multidisciplinary, collaborative approaches to research and teaching as productive and insightful in her teaching and research methodologies. Her pedagogic practices have been acknowledged through the presentation of an award for her contribution to photography in higher education by the Royal Photographic Society in 2019 and the award of a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Authority in 2020.

Graduating from the Royal College of Art, she is an artist and educator, researching transitional moments and how they are navigated through ritual. The work often considers these moments from an experiential and non-clinical position, allowing time and significance for first-hand experience. It pushes against perceived wisdom and breaking taboos to raise significance to subjects unheard, misunderstood or seen as unnecessary to discuss.

Beverley is a member of LCC's Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary research hub – and a co- founder of multiple research projects including:

Writing Photographs research project, with Wiebke Leister. A research project on the relationship of photography and writing – and how photographs are expanded, altered and dissected through text in the gallery context. This project challenges the dichotomy between theory and practice as part of working processes towards a photographic project, developing text and writing as integral parts of different project developments to arrive at an expanded understanding of installation practice through gesture, voice and language as performative and visual means.

Creative Transformation with Sal Anderson, Neil Armstrong and John Martin. A research project exploring with the creative workshop to engage critically with anxiety and loneliness found in art students; if art is connected to feelings, then can we employ art to explore feelings of anxiety from a non-clinical perspective? And can this expand understandings of anxiety and loneliness.

Re framing Menopause with Jane Woollatt. A research project which investigates menopause through fine art methodologies to re-imagine the way we both experience and describe menopause.

The aim is to extend existing understandings of the menopause through the collective convergence of experts from creative and scholarly disciplines. To provide an opportunity to work collectively and creatively to broaden and deepen the perception of the menopause and to start a process that will dispel ignorance and reduce fear for women in their menopausal years.

Beverley has also worked in the capacity of Knowledge Transfer when working with Tate Exchange.

Stop the Flow!: A series of participatory workshops devised by LCC in conjunction with Autograph-ABP. The workshops built on Album, an existing widening participation collaboration between UAL Outreach and Autograph ABP, which offers an extra-curricular, creative opportunity for young people aged 17–19. The workshops were devised and led by LCC Photography students in consultation with Album and artist/facilitators. The work produced in the workshop was exhibited at LCC Studio, a pop-up space in the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre.

AfterSchool Collective Strategies: Collaborating with to design a public programme consisting of an open call, talks series, workshops and culminating in a public exhibition and panel debate. This programme explored collective ways of working both conceptually and in action and how these might be helpful to early careers artists.

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