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Ariana Nicolaou

BA (Hons) Film and Television student
London College of Communication
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Ariana  Nicolaou


Ariana is a second year student on BA (Hons) Film and Television at London College of Communication.


Why did you choose to study this course and why London College of Communication?            

This course is more practical based rather than theoretical. We explore almost all aspects of Film and Television and it provides a small sample of how the real world works. Every task we do helps push myself a little bit further, and enables me to discover what I am good at and ultimately figure out my career path. London College of Communication is a place where your imagination is your limit and it feels like home because it welcomes everyone.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on so far?  

In year 1 we had a whole semester spent in the TV studio which for me was fascinating because the world of television excites me very much. I got the opportunity to produce and write a talk-show and a teleplay with a fellow classmate and the experience was beyond great.

It showed me how difficult it is to organise a group of people and allocating them jobs and how time wasted could potentially ruin a whole project. But the satisfaction comes at the end when everyone has worked so hard to produce the best possible result and you get to see your work go live and other people enjoying it as well.

Have you had any opportunities to engage with industry whilst on the course?

Last year I attended a few seminars organised by the faculty which brought in guest speakers such as producers and cinematographers and it was great listening to their own experiences and being able to ask them any sort of questions.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?

Come with an open mind, meet as many people as you can, make friends, be ready to learn, to get frustrated and get tired, but make sure you enjoy every single moment.

What has been the highlight of your LCC experience so far?      

Perhaps when I worked with last year’s graduates of BA (Hons) Film and Television, and I got to watch the film with audiences from outside the university. Seeing real life reactions, made me feel like I have achieved a small goal.

How do you find your course specific facilities?

Everything we require is provided by the College. I mostly use the Adobe Creative Cloud which is available on every single computer in the College, but the Digital Space for me is the best place to work and there is always someone there to help you.   

If you had to describe your LCC experience in three words, what would they be?

Unique, unexpected and exciting.

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