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MA Photography Alumni Group

The MA Photography Alumni Group develops the relationship between graduating students and alumni from LCC's MA Photography course, providing a network, and space to collaborate on projects and exchange ideas.

Group shows

Self-portrait installed in the hall at 26 Caledonian Road.

26 Caledonian Road

Site-specific works held in a former deli in the heart of King's Cross.

An installation by Minna Pöllänen situated within a clearing in the woods.

Photography as Installation

Works that take the form of installation or performance in 2D, 3D and 4D.

About the group

The group gives the new graduates a forum to continue the discussion developed during their time on the MA Photography course, encouraging alumni from past year groups to share good practice and keep in touch through crits and other joint events. Termly meetings support the discussion of current projects, show proposals and other applications, teaching practices and academic or creative writing.

The group also provides a valuable resource for recent graduates who benefit from the experience of alumni who are active around the globe in fields ranging from editing and publishing, curating, production and postproduction.

The course holds an annual event to welcome the new graduates into the network where alumni talk about their experiences post-graduation, and present current work in the setting of an informal portfolio viewing.


Alumni Group Ambassador - Paloma Tendero
MA Photography Course Leader - Wiebke Leister