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Starting Soon: December 2018 and January, February 2019

Short Courses at LCC run throughout the year, with new courses at the cutting edge of media, design and screen practice beginning each week. Start your search here.

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Search Short Courses starting in December 2018

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Images by Lewis Bush


Search Short Courses starting in January 2019

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Photo by Ana Escobar


Search Short Courses starting in February 2019

Short Courses in the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays

Combine a career enhancing Short Course with the opportunity to explore one of the world's most dynamic cities.

We offer a wide range of training courses for the creative industries during the holidays, plus a full schedule of courses for teenagers, to inspire and develop their creativity!

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Photo: Lewis Bush. Work: Fiona Filipidis

Easter School

*New 2019 course dates come soon*

Search Short Courses running in March and April by full time LCC academics and senior industry practitioners. Find courses during Easter School.

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mage: Lewis Bush. Work: Toby Maudsley

Summer School

Intensive and interactive summer schools in June, July and August for creative thinkers. Search Short Courses in our Summer programme.

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Image: Lewis Bush. Work: Youyue Zhang

Christmas School

Search the Short Course opportunities during the Christmas holidays for adult learning and courses for teenagers.

Looking for a course starting at a different time of year? Search all short courses and filter by month.