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Lambeth Council: Copywriting

Ten delegates from Lambeth Council joined us for a one-day customised course in copywriting.

The participants learnt how to review, edit and improve their writing . The course covered how to utilise the power of persuasion through writing, tips and tricks as to write faster and better, whilst focusing on the application of copywriting techniques in their professional work.

Topics Covered included:

  • Effective copywriting
  • Delivering copy across various platforms and channels
  • Targeting your specific audience
  • Persuasive techniques

Students from the course told us:

Experienced and knowledgeable tutor. Great experience booking the course. Used real-life, practical examples. Makes you re-evaluate all writing. A fantastic course. Packed full of easily understood, useful techniques to greatly improve your writing. A day very well spent. Useful day away - an enabler.