LCC Talent Works

LCC Talent Works is a new programme to give recent London College of Communication graduates paid freelance jobs with social enterprises, charities and community groups.

Thanks to funding from The Wakefield and Tetley Trust and Bermondsey Square Community Fund, this creative and communications work has been free to the 18 organisations in Southwark we’ve helped so far.

15 LCC graduates have built websites, run social media campaigns, created a new brand, made films, taken photographs, designed print materials, and written stories.

Why we did it

We discovered that local social enterprises, charities and community groups can’t access high-quality design and communications talent to help them grow, while recent graduates can sometimes struggle to get their first paid freelance job – the job that may kick-start their career. LCC Talent Works was designed as a prototype programme to address these 2 challenges.

What we did

LCC Talent Works was promoted to social enterprises, charities and community groups using LCC’s internal and external communications channels, and via organisations with strong networks in the sector – Community Southwark, Business in the Community, United St Saviours, UnLtd, Better Bankside and Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations. The promotion was very successful.

76 organisations applied, for up for three jobs each, so we had 204 jobs to choose from. The final 18 were selected with the help of Community Southwark to give a wide range of projects with different types of organisations spread geographically across the area.

The projects

  • Design © Leonie Tayler


    Co-designing a brand with an organisation means their logo, colour scheme, pictures and key messages will accurately reflect who they are and what they do.

  • Film still © Lucia Molina-Pflaum


    Films are an important way to bring to life what an organisation does, allowing viewers to see and hear directly from them.

  • Image © Betty Zapata


    Storytelling can show the impact of an organisation as well as statistics. Journalists find the stories, and present them with writing, film and photography.

  • Image © Emanuele Giovagnoli


    A library of professional quality photographs can be used for social media, on websites, in printed materials and for funding bids to tell an organisation’s story in a visually exciting way.

  • Designs © Fiona Gather-Stammel

    Print Design

    Posters, leaflets, reports and brochures are often an important way for an organisation to communicate with users, donors, volunteers and the general public.

  • Social Media

    Organisations can reach huge audiences through social media, but need a carefully prepared strategy to do it well, with a tone of voice and style that is authentic.

  • Website Design

    A website is the public face for many organisations, a direct route to communicate with a community, and to tell new people what an organisation does.