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Bright pink image with a graphic revealing student work.
Bright pink image with a graphic revealing student work.
Design by Olly Corps, London College of Communication.

LCC research community

The research community at London College of Communication is made up of world-renowned practitioners and theorists specialising in film, current practices and histories of photography, communication studies, sound arts, graphic and information design, and spatial design.

Our research is supported by collaborations with industry, commerce and the cultural sector, funding from UK research councils, and through international partnerships.

LCC offers a supportive and exciting research environment for graduate researchers with seminars, lectures and events.

In recent years, graduate researchers have curated exhibitions, hosted conferences and produced publications of their work.

Research degrees

Find out about the benefits of studying a research degree at London College of Communication.

Research stories

Research centres

  • Black and white single figure image, Mark Peter Wright – I, The Thing In The Margins, 2015, C-type Deluxe Print, Image courtesy of the artist
    Mark Peter Wright – I, The Thing In The Margins, 2015, C-type Deluxe Print, Image courtesy of the artist


    Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP) aims to develop the emerging disciplinary field of sound arts.

Research hubs and networks

  • Student sitting at a desk using a computer to design creative media artwork
    Babett Kurschner, BA (Hons) Public Relations, photography credit Alys Tomlinson

    Branded Content Research Hub

    The Branded Content Research Hub (BCRH) explores content that is funded or produced by marketers.

  • Close-up of a comic book, showing a man and woman interacting

    Comics Research Hub (CoRH)  

    The Comics Research Hub (CoRH) brings together world-leading academics from across UAL, highlighting the resources the university holds in its archives and providing a context for the wealth of ongoing comics research.

  • Conscientious Communicators Research Hub
    Conscientious Communicators Research Hub

    Conscientious Communicators Research Hub

    Conscientious Communicators is a cross-disciplinary community established to develop practice-based research around environmental and social creativity.

  • Logo with purple diamond shape.
    Logo for Creative Industries Management Research Hub.

    Creative Industries Management Research Hub

    Creative Industries Management Research Hub brings together knowledge and new understanding on creativity, management and organisational behaviour as applied specifically to the activities of creative industries.

  • Poster design for Radical Attic. Showing a section of blue text on an orange background.

    Design Activism Research Hub (DARH)

    Design Activism Research Hub is concerned with the visual and material culture practices and artefacts of social movements and other formations of resistance and agitation.

  • Stencils of numbers graffiti by Divya Sharma
    Image credit Divya Sharma

    Digital Cultures and Economies Research Hub.

    The Digital Cultures and Economies Research Hub explores digital media and communications in contemporary cultures and economies.

  • Colourful pixels, organised in two squares

    Experimental Pedagogies Research Group (EPRG)  

    The Experimental Pedagogies Research Group (EPRG) was set up on the 14th July 2020 in response to a growing demand from various staff and doctoral students at UAL for a place where theoretical and practical ideas of experimentation in creative educational contexts could be explored.

  • Logo of Graphic Subcultures research group
    Image courtesy of UAL

    Graphic Subcultures Research Hub

    The group aims to investigate graphic communication strategies used by self-identifying subcultural groups, often centred around music, fashion and lifestyle interests, to promote their stylistic, philosophical and ideological positions.

  • Image of a person viewing a photographic print up close at an exhibition
    Media School, LCC
    Photograph: Ana Escoabr

    Photography and the Archive  

    View the research outputs produced by PARC, the former Photography and the Archive Research Centre.

  • Image of a map
    Image courtesy of UAL

    Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary

    The research hub at LCC brings together practitioners and theorists to explore and promote photography as a mode of imaginary thought and its relation to a collective imaginary.

  • White lines in a dome shape on a black background.

    Sonic Screen Lab

    The Sonic Screen Lab (SSL) is an interdisciplinary research hub and creative playground that interrogates and innovates with audio-visual storytelling and the links between culture and social change.

  • Sound Proof 2 documentation, 2009 by Monica Biagioli

    Space and Place

    This group explores the experience of urban environments, namely London and Elephant and Castle, to explore place-making processes and interrogate spatial discourse.

  • Exhibition view of multi-disciplinary work at London College of Communication

    Supra Systems Studio  

    Supra Systems Studio is a research machine from the Design School at LCC, interrogating and materialising the politics of network technology through design practice.

  • Photo of desert landscape by David Birkin
    Visible Justice. Image © David Birkin

    Visible Justice Research Hub

    Visible Justice is a transdisciplinary research collective based at University of the Arts London.

Featured research staff