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Branded Content Research Hub

A stack of books related to branding
A stack of books related to branding
Jonathan Hardy, 2022

Investigating how media and advertising change as they come together across digital platforms.

The Branded Content Research Hub (BCRH) explores content that is funded or produced by marketers. Our hub examines branded content practices and regulations, engaging international academics, industry practitioners and civil society.

Based within the Media School at London College of Communication, UAL, we bring together:

  • academics from UAL
  • leading scholars and researchers from UK universities and worldwide
  • industry practitioners
  • professional bodies and regulators
  • policy stakeholders
  • and those with civil society interests

Key activities

  • Surveying the state of the professions
  • Reviewing branded content regulation and governance
  • Identifying, supporting and advancing research needs across industry and academia
  • Mapping education and training needs and provision

Explore our work

  • Picture of an exhibition
    LCC exhibition, by Lewis Bush

    About the hub

    Find out more about the Branded Content Research Hub and who is involved.

  • Student working on her laptop and phone
    Gabrielle Ngoo working on her laptop and phone, Alys Tomlinson

    Branded content governance project

    Read about our research and find out about the project team.

  • Aerial view of the private view night
    Aerial view of the private view night, London College of Communication, Ana Escobar

    Events and activities

    Explore upcoming events and our past recordings.


Learn about and read the Branded Content Research Hub's resources (PDF 88KB)