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Branded Content Research Hub

The Branded Content Research Hub (BCRH) explores content that is funded or produced by marketers.

We investigate branded content practices and regulations, engaging international academics, industry practitioners and civil society.

Brands are increasingly involved in the production of media content. Media and advertising are changing profoundly as they converge across digital platforms. How this merging of marketers and media is managed across evolving forms of communication will have profound implications for media content and communication services.

Based within the Media School at London College of Communication, UAL, the hub brings together academics from UAL, leading scholars and researchers from UK universities and worldwide, industry practitioners, professional bodies and regulators, policy stakeholders and those with civil society interests.

Key activities

  • Investigating industry organisation and practices for branded content.
  • Surveying the state of the professions.
  • Reviewing branded content regulation and governance.
  • Identifying, supporting and advancing research needs across industry and academia.
  • Mapping education and training needs and provision.


The Branded Content Research Hub is led by Prof. Jonathan Hardy, London College of Communication, and brings together academics across UAL including Prof. Agnes Rocamorra, London College of Fashion, and Dr. Sevil Yesiloglu, London College of Communication.

The hub is supported by the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA). Advisory board members include Andrew Canter, Global CEO of BCMA, and Vince Medeiros, Founder and Publisher at TCO London and Chairman of the Content Marketing Association.

Be part of the network

The hub is an independent academic resource with an advisory board of UK and international academics, members include:

  • Prof Iain MacRury (Stirling University)
  • Dr Helen Powell (South Bank University)
  • Dr Hyunsun Yoon (University of Greenwich)
  • Dr. Rula M. Al Abdulrazak (University of East London)
  • Dr Bjoern Asmussen, (Oxford Brookes University)
  • Prof Núñez Gómez, (Complutense University, Spain)

The hub is open to all UAL staff and research students, as well as media and marketing professionals and policy stakeholders worldwide.