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Enhance your creative teaching with Chatsworth House

Photo credit: David Vintiner
Written by
Sarah Atkinson
Published date
20 January 2021

With over 30 years of experience working in further and higher education and an MA, BA and PGCE, Sarah Atkinson has designed, delivered and managed creative arts courses at UAL. Sarah’s experience in instigating strategies to improve teaching, learning and assessment, both in the UK and with educational institutions worldwide means that she regularly helps facilitate our continuing professional development (CPD) events.

At our upcoming CPD with Chatsworth House, Sarah will deliver the session alongside Arts Engagement Officer for the Devonshire Educational Trust at Chatsworth House, Kerry Fernandez. The workshop, designed to explore ways for teachers to help students develop digital research and presentation skills, will take inspiration from the large and varied collection at Chatsworth House. This session will use art and artefacts from the estate to inspire participants to create work that explores visual connections from a personal viewpoint.

We spoke with Sarah about what to expect from the event and why these bespoke courses benefit creative educators:

What are Continuing Professional Development events and why does UAL Awarding Body deliver them?

Teaching, particularly at this time, is so demanding that it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the enjoyment in simply being creative. These events provide the space and time for creative thinking and practice, reconnecting tutors with the fun of doing and making. It is a chance for them to reflect on the student experience and to refresh and inform their own subject delivery.

Why would you recommend that tutors of creative subjects attend a CPD event with Chatsworth House?

Chatsworth house is such a treasure trove and the Devonshire collection is unique in the way it juxtaposes both historical and contemporary art and artefacts. This event provides an amazing opportunity to learn more about the house and items from the collection, and to use these as a starting point for developing ideas. This is something that can be replicated with students and, because of the format of the online events, anyone can join in.

What skills and knowledge can tutors expect to gain from attending a CPD event with Chatsworth House?

One thing that stands out is that the event has been designed to cover the learning outcomes of the UAL qualifications at all levels, so tutors can take away ways of working that will ensure their students meet those criteria.

What sets the Chatsworth House training events apart and makes them unique?

Chatsworth House is such a rich source of inspirational material and, unlike a gallery, it is a real, living space, so many of the items are things that are used in day-to-day life. In that respect, it is much more accessible as a research source, although we might not own precious items or paintings, we all have useful objects around us, so it is easier to relate to.

How does the online format differ and what is being done to ensure the best online delivery possible?

We are trying to replicate the face-to-face experience as much as possible through the design of the event, so everyone signing up for the course will be able to participate and contribute. Delegates will be able to access online resources and just like our physical events our digital ones will encourage collaboration and networking.

What can people expect from an online CPD event with Chatsworth House?

The event will be held on one day over two sessions, morning and afternoon. The first session will provide an introduction to the house and collection. Delegates will be given a brief to work on throughout the day, with the second session providing an opportunity to see and discuss what has been produced.

In what ways do the Chatsworth CPD events inspire and support tutors with the delivery of their respective creative qualifications

Tutors will have the opportunity to be in the position of the student, working to a brief within a set timescale. The experience enables them to reflect on their own teaching practice, how the content of their delivery relates to UAL qualifications and the potential for using ideas from the day to support student learning and development.

Morning session: 9.30am – 11.30am

Afternoon session: 3pm - 5pm

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