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Teach Inspire Create

Our virtual hub of information and inspiration for creative educators.

Teach Inspire Create is our annual programme of digital events, combining keynote speeches, creative workshops and introductions to our qualifications, delivered by our team of experts and leading industry creatives and professionals. It's a programme that gives us the opportunity to connect with our community, share best practice and strengthen our approach as educators.

Let us bring the industry to you as you teach, inspire and create this year.




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Blogs and interviews

  • Paul Clark, co-founder of CLOD Ensemble
    Paul Clark, co-founder of CLOD Ensemble

    Discover how Ear Opener can transform your composition teaching

    In this exclusive interview, we spoke to Paul Clark about CLOD Ensemble's new Ear Opener masterclasses, and how he believes this new resource for music teachers can help to transform the way they and their students look at composition.

  • Story image

    How skateboarding culture influences George Yarnton's drawing

    In advance of his workshop: Drawing what you love on 18 November, we spoke to George Yarnton about his passion for skateboarding culture and how it has influenced and fueled his creative career as Head of Design for clothing brand, Hoax 1994.