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Creativity and mindfulness meditation with Ayala Gill

A woman sitting near a stain glass window
A woman sitting near a stain glass window
Ayala Gill, mindfulness and meditation teacher
Written by
UAL Awarding Body
Published date
21 January 2021

Date: 25 Feb
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Price: free

We’re very excited to announce our first Teach Inspire Create 2021 workshop: Creativity and mindfulness meditation with Ayala Gill. We’ve programmed this free online mindfulness session to give you the opportunity to take some time away from your day-to-day, reflect and reconnect with your own creativity.

Ayala Gill has been practicing and teaching meditation, alongside Yoga, Shamanic and Taoist teachings, for 30 years:

“Central to these traditions is the invitation to wake up, grow up and show up in the world as both divine and very human beings, equally and at the same time. This is the wellspring from which creativity arises; the place where we enter the state of flow. I am continually inspired to walk this edge between contemplation and action.”

In this session, Ayala will invite you to explore the relationship between mindfulness meditation and creativity in a direct and experiential way. You will be guided through several different meditations in order to feel the qualities of contact, curiosity and care that are central to the creative-meditative heart and mind. This session will also leave you feeling relaxed, open, awake and grounded: precious but necessary gifts in these times.

The practice will start with a raisin meditation. This is a very powerful and direct way to experience what it feels like to be completely present and embodied with a normal everyday action that we often do without noticing, which, in this instance, is eating a raisin. Please come to the session with a raisin so that you can complete this part of the practice.

No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation is necessary. We're looking forward to seeing you at the session and taking this time to reinvigorate and focus on wellbeing.

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