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Origins Provocations: What now

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10 January 2022
As part of our Origins Creatives 2022,  we are launching a series of provocations to stimulate, agitate and disrupt the every day, and to illuminate and draw attention to alternative jump-off points for creative practice.

What now

For the attention of creativity:

Is this a statement or a question? Is your response a reflection or an action? In a world where anything is possible, and all eventualities can become realities, what should we do now?

Finding the right question to ask is the first step towards unlocking the right answer. Asking any question is better than asking no questions at all. It takes bravery to become vulnerable and tell the world what you think.

Using the provocation provided, instigate an investigation to develop a creative response that explores your thoughts and vision for this question. There are no preset parameters here, the destination you arrive at is entirely of your own making