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Funding confirmation 2022/23 (England)

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  • Written byUAL Awarding Body
  • Published date 31 March 2022
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Sofia Caccamo, BA Architecture, Central Saint Martins

This information applies only to England, there is no change to funding arrangements in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) confirms funding on an annual basis for qualifications across the 14-16 and 16-19 landscape in England. This position is consistent across all funding offers and all Awarding Organisations.

We are pleased to confirm that the majority of our qualifications will continue to be funded in the 2022/23 academic year, as they have been in the 2021/22 academic year. The exception to this is a small number of older qualifications which Department for Education have identified as having consistently less than 100 learners enrolled (please see list below).

Funding changes for low and no-uptake qualifications

As communicated previously, following a sector-wide Department for Education review, smaller qualifications with very few or no registrations will have funding removed from August 2022 in England. These are qualifications with consistently fewer than 100 publicly funded students nationally per year and include the following qualifications:

  • UAL Level 1 Award in Music, Performing & Production Arts*
  • UAL Level 2 Certificate in Drawing
  • UAL Level 2 Award in Photography
  • UAL Level 2 Award in Printmaking
  • UAL Level 2 Certificate in Photography
  • UAL Level 2 Award in Music, Performance & Production*
  • UAL Level 2 Award in Fashion Business & Retail*
  • UAL Level 2 Diploma in Professional Competence for Grips
  • UAL Level 3 Certificate in Drawing
  • UAL Level 3 Award in Photography
  • UAL Level 3 Certificate in Photography

This removal will affect 16-18-year-old students on study programmes and 19+ students under the Adult Education Budget, including those entitled to legal entitlement and those requiring Advanced Learner Loans. Centres in England can still register learners onto these qualifications without funding.

*Please note that the Diploma sized versions of these qualifications in Music, Performing and Production and Fashion Business and Retail are still available to learners as fully funded – this is the target qualification used by most centres already.

If you currently offer these qualifications and would like to discuss alternatives, or have further questions, please contact

Please note, the following short courses have retained funding:

  • UAL Level 2 Award in Drawing
  • UAL Level 2 Certificate in Applied Drawing
  • UAL Level 3 Award in Drawing