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Opportunities with the esports industry

4 students sat down in esports studio
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  • Published date 14 December 2022
4 students sat down in esports studio
Image credit: UAL Awarding Body, Esports at Northampton College with students, 2022

The esports industry is growing at a rapid rate and it's making an impact across many industries. We got the chance to speak to Dan O'Hare, Chief Gaming Officer at Vexed Gaming about his career within the esports industry and what opportunities there are for everyone who wants to get into the industry.

How did you start your career in esports? 

My career started after retiring as a professional player for Vexed Gaming, where soon after my contract expired, I was invited back to join the team as a Talent Manager and since then I have worked my way to my current role as Chief Gaming Officer of Vexed Gaming.

What are the pathways/opportunities for doing an esports qualification? What are the career opportunities within the esports industry? 

I believe one of the highlights for undertaking an Esports qualification is the assistance you receive in finding internships/work placements, with the industry being so new and Esports being an extremely competitive field to get your foot in the door, any hands on experience is extremely valuable and makes you stand out against other candidates.
Career opportunities are ever-growing within the Esports industry, whilst the first roles that jump to mind for most people are Social Media, Talent Manager, Community Manager, and Photographer/Videographer, it is not unusual for Esports Organisations to have dedicated support staff to help with psychology, fitness and nutrition. The job roles for Esports are always expanding and will further expand as the industry continues to grow.

Can you tell us what a standard day looks like for you as a Chief Gaming Officer? 

I don’t think there is such a thing as a standard day in Esports, every day is different. Whilst I have my day to day tasks which include ensuring projects are running, socials are running as intended, sponsor deliverables are met, research and talent are looked after. The job roles (at least the ones I have been in) tend to be quite reactive and fast-paced. I have frequently had things pop up with only a few days to action, so we tend to always be ready if something does arise.

What's been your biggest highlight so far in your esports career?

As for events, it was probably taking our ex-Apex Legends roster to ICE 365 in April 2022, being able to help show how Esports can be a huge asset to another industry and give the players and our other talent an experience, that was amazing. But overall I think the biggest highlight of the job is giving up and coming players a platform to showcase their skills and break into the upper echelons of the Esports industry. I’ve worked with some fantastic players and I always enjoy seeing them succeed.