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DfE Level 3 and Level 2 consultations – call for support

Drawings by Benjamin Edmunds, Case Study
Written by
UAL Awarding Body
Published date
08 December 2020

Department for Education (DfE) has launched a major consultation on the future of Level 3 qualifications in England. This seeks to streamline post-16 choices and reduce the number of non-A Level and non-T Level qualifications which receive public funding in England from August 2024 onwards. The consultation proposes that 60% of all Level 3 qualifications should be defunded from that time. All subject areas and awarding organisations are in scope of the review.

UAL has been proactive in this conversation for some time and we are pleased the consultation acknowledges that there are valuable alternatives to A Levels and T Levels in creative subjects. We are in the process of submitting evidence that UAL Level 3 qualifications should qualify for continued funding on that basis. Our qualifications support very high progression rates to a wide range of Higher Education destinations, especially undergraduate study in the creative sectors.

Our response to the consultation will outline how UAL Level 3 qualifications are an essential part of the creative educational ecology and will sit well alongside A Levels (to which they offer a different learning approach) and T Levels (to which they offer a different progression purpose). We also intend to highlight the important role in progression played by Level 2 qualifications.

To get your voice heard and support our case we invite you to respond to our short UAL Awarding Body Consultation Survey (11 questions).

We also encourage all centres to engage with this consultation at the most senior levels because its findings will have a significant impact on the FE landscape from 2024 onwards.

Full details of the Level 3 consultation, including an impact assessment, can be found in the DfE's Review of Post-16 Qualifications at level 3: Second stage.

Full details of the call for evidence regarding Level 2 qualifications can be found in the DfE's Post-16 Level 2 and below study and qualifications in England: Call for Evidence.

We really appreciate the insights of our centres and your time contributing to the survey. With your support, we are looking forward to securing a place for dedicated, high-quality creative qualifications in the reformed system from 2024.

If your centre has any other insights or specific case studies that could help form valuable evidence for our consultation response, please contact us at

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