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A Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Q&A with City & Guilds of London Art School

Caroline Williams 'Fantasy'
  • Written byUAL Awarding Body
  • Published date 26 April 2023
Caroline Williams 'Fantasy'

In this interview, we spoke to City & Guilds of London Art School student Caroline to find out more about their experiences of studying for our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Find out more in the Q&A below.

Can you give us a short bio about yourself?

My name is Caroline Williams, and I am presently studying the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at City & Guild of London Art School. My work is eclectic, based on personal connection with the people around me – friends, family and myself – our life experience and what we hide in our inner-self (masks and misleading expressions that we use to dissimulate our feelings). I work with clay, plaster casting and carving, as well as paper, glass, metal, resin and knitting. I experiment with materials to find the right shape to express what I want, taking full advantage of the different workshops available to expand a new body of work. I research a lot of contemporary artists and make the most of the exhibitions available in London, like M. Bartuszová; W. Kentridge; M.Abakanowicz; Dior; L. Himid; Y. Shonibare or H. Yang.

Why did you choose to study the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design?

Now that my kids are old enough, I have time to be fully engaged in my practice. I’m really happy to be immersed in an educational environment and realised that this foundation year was the right decision for me in order to discover the artist I can and want to be and further my studies.

What do you enjoy most about studying the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design?

I really appreciate the input from tutors and the knowledge and expertise from people who work their entire life in their own specialties. Sharing ideas, getting feedback, from tutors or peers, is something that helps me to understand more about my work and to research where my future practice will take me, as sculpting is a newly-discovered passion. Through my past experience and skills, I’m able to experiment freely with materials and be bold in my work.

What skills have you developed throughout your studies?

During the first units, I learnt to deepen my research and my understanding of a subject; each question can have a different answer and all of them are valid and constructive. I am able to let my work take place and evolve on its own while trusting the process and the results. I can analyse and critique my work every step of the way and gain knowledge and insight on the results while being objective about it. In parallel, I’ve learned to work with plaster and be at ease to experiment and be bold about it. I have discovered new interests like glass and metal work through the available workshop at CGLAS that I will continue to deepen next year.

Where do you see yourself after graduating?

I would like to be part of a strong community of woman artists, help share my love for art and hopefully be able to exhibit my work in public.