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#TeachInspireCreate: UAL Awarding Body Annual Conference

Audience in an auditorium
Audience in an auditorium

Written by
UAL Awarding Body
Published date
25 September 2019

What happened at our annual conference?

Our 2020 Annual Conference attracted UAL Awarding Body tutors, industry professionals and UAL staff from across the UK where they had the opportunity to hear from key voices in the creative industries, partake in a panel discussion around mental health and meet industry-relevant representatives at our Inspiration Stations!

We filmed most of our speakers' wonderful presentations, so if you were unable to make it or wish to revisit any of the sessions, these will be made available shortly.

Feeling inspired by our speakers or want to find out more about them? Read their blogs below!

today we're hosting an annual conference
and this is a moment in time where we
bring together arts educators from
across the country to support them to
inspire them and to help them think
about what they can do to positively
impact the creative education of young
people in this country there's a chance
for them to get together and to
celebrate what what really we do is an
awarding body and to actually give
something back to them in terms of
having some inspirational speakers
everyone that comes to the conference
actually is a creator but they also
teach and through that teaching they
inspire everyone an event like this is
really important because it's partly to
do with building confidence and
expertise in the people who are
delivering creative education at MIT so
we nearly made a design studio
specializing in graphic design
illustration pretty much fully
entertainment business starting with
film design but branching out into
publishing and packaging design we
formed our studio after working for 10
years together on the Harry Potter
franchise the focus is always on the
students and they're the next wave
they're the next generation of creators

UAL Awarding Body Conference 2019

Woman laughing in audience at a conference


Speakers and exhibitors have been carefully selected to offer guidance on creative teaching, mental health, higher education and much more. Check out the full agenda for the event...

Man in suit smiling

Dave Keeling - Laughology

As Lead Happiness Consultant with Laughology, Dave Keeling delivers outstanding training on topics as wide ranging as risk taking, curiosity, change management, leadership, thinking skills, communication and well-being. As a taster of what’s to come at the Annual Conference, he’s shared his thoughts on the importance of laughter…

Blonde girl posing in Maison de Choup t-shirt
Maison de Choup

George Hodgson - Maison de Choup

Described as ‘the mental health spokesperson of our generation’ George David Hodgson is a fashionpreneur, public speaker and mental health campaigner known for his incredible honesty and no-filter approach to opening up about his suffering. As a taster of what’s to come at the Annual Conference, he’s shared his story of his experiences with mental health and how his fashion brand Maison de Choup was born…

People in a studio practicing a performance

Jamie Beddard

Jamie Beddard is an actor, director and facilitator. He is Co-Artistic Director of Diverse City, and an Agent for Change at the New Wolsey Theatre. He’ll be speaking at the upcoming UAL Awarding Body Annual Conference on 7 February 2020. As a taster of what’s to come, he’s shared his story of how he found his place in the arts…

A portrait of Rebecca Strickson

Rebecca Strickson

Rebecca Strickson is an artist and do-er of things. Her clients have included Royal Mail, Kenco, Sony, Glamour UK, Agent Provocateur, Nike and Channel 4. A speaker at our Annual Conference 2020, Rebecca explores what creativity means to her in this blog post...

Drawing by Narinder Sagoo

Narinder Sagoo

Narinder Sagoo is the Art Director at Foster + Partners and is most well known for his perspective drawings and his unique ability to grasp and visualise architectural visions. He’ll be speaking at the upcoming UAL Awarding Body Annual Conference on 7 February 2020. As a taster of what’s to come, he’s shared his thoughts on creativity…