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UAL Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Designated in Wales

Art installation
  • Written byUAL Awarding Body
  • Published date 10 March 2023
Art installation

We are thrilled to announce that the UAL Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (Ofqual QAN: 610/0915/5, QW QAN: C00/4754/2) has been successfully designated in Wales! The UAL EPQ qualification is a valuable opportunity for students to develop essential research and project management skills, preparing them for higher education and their future careers.

To all the centres in Wales, we encourage you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to deliver the UAL EPQ qualification. We are confident that this qualification will provide a valuable and enriching experience for students across Wales, and we can't wait to see the impact it will have on their future success. Please contact our Chief Examiner, Andy Sankey at for help and support in setting up your delivery of this exciting new qualification.

If you are interested in delivering the UAL EPQ qualification in Wales, please note that you will need to be an approved UAL Awarding Body centre, and apply to have this qualification added to your approved list of qualifications to offer. Our Approvals and QAE teams are always happy to provide more information about the approval process and guide you through the steps required to become a UAL Awarding Body approved centre or apply for approval to offer this qualification. Please contact our Approvals team at for more information and support with the approval process.