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UAL Awarding Body's Statement on the use of AI

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  • Written byUAL Awarding Body
  • Published date 21 March 2024
Colourful textiles

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term for a range of technologies and approaches that can perform tasks and functions which traditionally require human thinking. AI technologies, and in particular Generative AI (GenAI) are fast becoming an integral part of the global society and have the potential to change the way industries work, drive economic growth and fundamentally change all areas of life.

AI in education poses several challenges, therefore learners should, if appropriate, be introduced to the safe and ethical use of AI technologies. Centres should consider general concerns about bias, safety, the use of personal data, over-reliance, and the authenticity of outcomes. Many AI tools have not been developed with younger audiences in mind and could expose learners to inappropriate content.

The UAL Awarding Body is pro-innovation and believes the benefits of these technologies should be safely explored by staff and learners as part of the learning and development process. However, to protect the integrity of UAL Awarding Body’s qualifications, teachers and assessors must only accept work for qualification assessments that is the learner's own.

Learners must make sure that the work they submit is demonstrably their own and ensure they identify any elements of AI which have been used to produce work. Failure to do so will be considered malpractice. Centres must ensure that learners understand that the use of AI does not allow learners to independently meet assessment criteria and therefore will not be rewarded.

If centres have concerns surrounding the authenticity of learner work submitted for assessment, they must investigate and take appropriate action in line with UAL’s malpractice policy. Guidance on conducting an investigation can be found on our website.

Centres must not use AI for assessing, marking or grading activities.

Please refer UAL Awarding Body’s malpractice policy on our website. JCQ’s guidance on the use of AI in assessments should also be consulted.