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LCC celebrates creative play at LCC Shows 2022

Animated gif of the LCC Shows 2022 identity.
  • Written byChloe Murphy
  • Published date 25 May 2022
Animated gif of the LCC Shows 2022 identity.
Image credit: LCC Shows Identity 2022, Olly Corps.

As we welcome audiences back to London College of Communication, LCC Shows 2022 celebrate the journeys of our graduating students – both within and beyond the legacies of our College Building.

With a focus on the theme of ‘creative play’, this year’s degree shows offer a deep dive into the contemporary landscape of Design, Media and Screen, drawing together narratives that reflect on the world around us while proposing visions for alternative futures.

This year marks a return to onsite shows for the first time since the global pandemic, offering select courses the opportunity to transform our gallery spaces into colourful celebrations of their creative practice.

Each School will have the opportunity to highlight a range of outstanding work in spaces across the LCC Building, enabling friends, family and industry guests to appreciate the energy, excitement and playfulness found in the work of our graduating students:

Each show is free and open to everyone, although time slots must be booked in advance via Eventbrite in order to safely manage capacities in our gallery spaces.

All students will also have the opportunity to digitally present their work to a global audience on the UAL Graduate Showcase platform, which will relaunch later in the summer.

“Honouring its forms and also subverting them”

Graphic designer and BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design graduate Olly Corps designed the visual identity for LCC Shows 2022, which takes the opportunity to celebrate the exterior Brutalist stoicism of the LCC College Building while revealing the playful creative journeys taking place within its walls.

“The identity is primarily a response to LCC’s Brutalist heritage, looking at ways of both honouring its forms and also subverting them,” he said.

“It also plays tribute to futuristic versions of urban living from the 60s, recognising the parallels with the augmented realities we see in today’s emerging technologies.”

Olly also explained the typography and colours chosen for the identity were reflective of wider contextual influences on LCC’s major creative disciplines.

“The identity is led by the geometric construction of its logotype, which can be seen as an evolution of how basic shapes can be used to form the backbone of an identity system.

“It also uses a bold, contrasting colour system - each School is assigned its own palette, all of which are designed to be playful subversions of the greys found in British post-war architecture while also meeting AA accessibility criteria.

"The Design School colour palette explores the intersection of screen printing processes and practice led by sustainability; the Media School palette explores the intersection of analogue photographic process and media branding; and the Screen School palette explores the intersection of cinema and gaming culture.”

LCC Shows 2022: Events Programme

This year’s shows will also be accompanied by an exciting programme of events designed to bring together academic expertise, industry insight and holistic reflections from our Class of 2022 as they prepare to take the next step on their creative journeys.

Ranging from panel discussions to curated screenings, our staff, students and industry guests will be sharing insights on their practice, debates around broader socio-cultural shifts, and thoughts on the future of creativity.

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