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Spotlight On: Herman Ho, MA Games Design – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019

Digitally designed dark room with upside-down staircases and spectacles floating in the air.
Digitally designed dark room with upside-down staircases and spectacles floating in the air.
Still from 'Wake Up'. Image © Herman Ho.
Written by
Jake May
Published date
20 November 2019

Students from MA Games Design will be exhibiting an array of innovative and boundary-pushing projects to prospective employers, industry, the public, and friends and family, as part of LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019.

The course will be showing in LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 alongside students across graphic design, documentary film, data visualisation, animation, branding, virtual reality and more, with a Launch Event on 4 December and exhibiting from 5 – 7 December.

Get an idea of what to expect at LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019 as we shine a spotlight on just a handful of the projects set to go on show from the next generation of leading creatives spanning the always-evolving disciplines of design, media and screen...

Herman Ho

Wake Up

In Herman's words...

"'Wake Up' is a biographical game about a person going through a period of depression.

"Every time the players go to bed, they enter a dream world where memories are held. When players wake up, an item will appear in the bedroom regarding the dream you just had. The player will need to go through the dreams in order to uncover the story and discover the ending.

"The concept of this game came from the idea of Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dream and 'Impossible Space'. A dream is a series of random events, visuals, emotions and perceptions, it is almost impossible to make sense of it. But a dream is generated from the source of our daily life and deep desire. Impossible Space is a space that defies common sense and act against rules of the real world architecturally. The closest path to visualise an impossible space is through dreams.

"This game is to introduce the player to a journey of impossible space through a dream that is driven by narrative."

Follow Herman on Twitter or Instagram, or visit Herman's website or ArtStation page to find out more.

LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 takes place from 5 – 7 December.

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