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Graduate Voices: Anette Suveges

Portrait photograph of a woman.
  • Written byChloe Murphy
  • Published date 21 February 2022
Portrait photograph of a woman.
Image credit: Anette Suveges.

With a focus on exploring reputational development in contemporary, digital environments, our BA (Hons) Public Relations course draws on the unique heritage of London College of Communication (LCC) to consider the field through both cultural and business perspectives.

Students are supported to consider how organisations, brands, governments and individuals form relationships with the public and wider society, growing their understanding of media and communications theories while learning how to apply them to real-world challenges.

Taught by academics and guest lecturers with extensive industry knowledge, they learn how to create, collaborate and communicate within the diverse media environment, shaping their own practice as PR professionals while forming connections across innovative, inclusive communities.

Anette Suveges

Anette Suveges graduated from BA (Hons) Public Relations in 2021. Originally from Hungary, she moved to London in 2014 in order to realise her creative and professional dreams, and began studying at LCC in 2018.

Now a digital creator and freelance creative strategist, Anette is also PR Manager for fellow Hungarian artist Edith Gorbe (Edith Art), who develops bespoke abstract acrylic paintings that complement the practice of modern interior design.

We chatted to Anette about her passion for PR, the symbiosis of communications theory and creative practice, and how studying at LCC enabled her to kickstart her career journey.

Photograph of two women, one of whom is holding an acrylic painting.
Anette with acrylic artist, Edith Gorbe. Image credit: Anette Suveges.

How did you first become interested in the field of public relations?

My story with PR isn’t straightforward, especially because most people - including my younger self – might not be aware of what PR is and what it means to build a career in it.

I first started showing interest in media and communications in high school. My original plan was to be a film and TV producer as the world of media had always attracted me, but when I applied for university courses in those fields, something didn’t feel right. I always knew that I wanted to attend UAL; I just knew that my choice of course wasn’t quite the right one yet.

I lived and worked in London for a couple of years, and I tried to figure out what profession I could really imagine myself doing and loving. One year, I looked at the latest copy of the UAL prospectus and started cutting out words that fit who I am, what my interests are and what I’m good at. I made a collage with words including ‘communications’, ‘influence’, ‘creativity’ and ‘vision’, and from then on, I made it my mission to find a profession that could be described with those words too.

I don’t remember the exact moment I found out about PR, but I know I started to use the word long before I had a deeper understanding of what it meant. I came to read the course description on the UAL website and said: “Yeah, well - this is exactly what I’m looking for!”

The whole process of moving into PR took about 3-4 years, but it was worth it because I found exactly what I was looking for. Me and PR were a match.

As a PR practitioner, do you specialise in any particular areas or approaches?

I would say that my approach focuses on strategic communication that involves a lot of research, planning, and project management. I tend to specialise in visuals over text, so it’s likely that you’ll find me organising and managing a photoshoot for a client's editorial rather than writing copy.

I’m also particularly interested in brand management, campaign planning, media relations, and multi-platform strategic visual communications.

I think I’ve really found my area within PR for the moment, but in the long run, I don’t think I’ll stop here. There are opportunities for so much growth within the profession, and as someone who never wants to settle for one exact thing, this is perfect.

Being a PR graduate is amazing because there are 100 roads that you can take at any point in your career and your previous experience will still count.

What types of clients do you work with, and how are you able to support them?

I mainly work with individuals in the creative industries who need both short- and long-term strategic plans to achieve different goals.

I use my creative strategy skills to connect them to their target audience and boost engagement, and help to build their image with consistent visual identity across platforms. I also support them in to create content, generate the best ways to communicate their core messages, and secure coverage across different media outlets.

Behind-the-scenes photograph of a model holding a photoframe.
Creative direction at a brand photoshoot. Image credit: Anette Suveges.

Why did you decide to study on the BA (Hons) Public Relations course at LCC?

I first heard about LCC when I was volunteering for a student exchange programme in my home country, Hungary. A couple of guys from London were part of this programme, and they recommended the College to me. I flew to London for an Open Day and loved it - from then on, my mind was set on LCC.

After I decided that I wanted to study PR, I started to research different courses in London, but none of them could compete with what LCC had to offer. I decided to attend the course-specific Open Day, where I knew there and then that this course was for me.

Other PR courses tend to be very theory-based with a narrow focus on media relations, but at LCC, you get a chance to try out many different aspects of PR. It’s a creative hotspot where design, photography and even textile printing can be incorporated into the course in some ways. For me, it was important to be in a creative environment, and to attend classes where my passion for creating visual projects could run wild.

I also really liked the fact that unlike other PR courses in London, this course offers units that explore the psychological and socio-cultural areas of media and communications.

What did you most enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed the hands-on, practical units like Creative PR Practice in Year 1, where we learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign while shooting our own content for promotional editorials. I also loved the Agency Life module in Year 3 where we got to work on a live brief as it made me realise how much I love the challenge of pitching and winning the client over.

I was very keen on the countless opportunities for collaboration and teamwork throughout the course, and I enjoyed the freedom and the flexible nature of assignments rather than a rigid exam-based structure. And of course, listening to anecdotes from lecturers and guest lecturers who all have experience in the field was an extra that I couldn’t have enough of.

What were the major highlights of your time as a student at the College?

I think one of my proudest moments were finding out that my team had won the Agency Life pitching assignment. I’m very competitive and enjoyed every second, so to be recognised for the fruits of my labour made me super proud.

Another major highlight for me was when we launched our very own BA PR Instagram account, where my friend and I hosted our own monthly book club. I was so excited to share my thoughts as part of a community.

Our book club was even featured in an article about the best PR blogs, and an author of one of the books we were discussing shared our post with some positive feedback!

Portrait photograph of a woman smiling.
Image credit: Anette Suveges.

What have you been up to since graduating from LCC?

Firstly, I took time to really process the past 3 years and reflect on my experiences. Instead of applying for jobs every single day, I tried to enjoy my freedom and really think about my next steps. I think there are many ways to build a career, and if you let some time pass and try out different things, you have the best shot at finding the path that's most fulfilling for your needs and matches your character best.

About half a year after graduating, an amazing opportunity presented itself through my networking efforts. I started freelancing as a creative strategist and PR consultant for an artist whose practice involves abstract acrylic painting – I’ve been part of her team ever since and I love every second of it. I get to put my knowledge and skills to practice, and the job is very flexible, which is exactly what I need in my life right now. I work on her branding, editorial, media relations and social media management, and I also get to be part of the content creation process. We’ve already exhibited twice in London and once in Dubai, and I got to enjoy the coolest art events as a result.

During my degree, I was very determined to work in the music industry, and I made some friends who are up-and-coming artists. I recently helped 2 of them on their release campaigns, and I take meetings with them regularly to advise on DIY music marketing and how they can build their brands and image.

In addition to freelancing, I actively take time to read and learn more about my field, keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry, attend networking events and work on my skills. I also put a lot of effort in my online presence while building my professional portfolio.

How do you think your time on BA (Hons) Public Relations helped to prepare you for the professional world?

Most importantly, the course helped me to untangle the complicated world of PR and really understand what it is while also helping me to find my strengths - making me realise that I have skills I never knew existed.

Working on so many exciting assignments that required research into different industries, brands, and products made me gain a huge amount of knowledge, while responding to specific briefs and creating campaigns prepared me for the process of finding solutions to client needs. I was also able to learn the valuable lesson of how teamwork can help elevate ideas to the next level.

Overall, I think BA (Hons) Public Relations prepared me for the challenges that come with time and project management, broadened my horizons within the field, and deepened my knowledge about the psychology and ethics of public relations. It also helped me to think critically and practice PR in an ethical way by making me understand the implications of the profession and the responsibility that comes with working within it.

What are your tips for prospective students who may be interested in exploring the world of PR?

Keep an open mind and be patient, because to understand the world of PR, you need time. It can be overwhelming sometimes but slowly, it all unfolds in front of your eyes, and at the right time, you’ll start to make relevant connections.

I’d also say that you should trust your instincts. Try not to give in presumptions, stereotypes and often entirely untrue information of what PR is.

You should be prepared to find yourself in fun and unexpected situations, and take part in hands-on, creative tasks as well as in-depth research and reading.

PR is like surfing: it might take time to catch the perfect wave, but once you do, you’re in for a hell of a ride.

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