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Thom Kaczmarek

Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Games Design
London College of Communication
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Thom  Kaczmarek


Thom Kaczmarek (He/Him-Ace) is doing everything imaginable within games.

At London College of Communication he is a Senior Lecturer on BA (Hons) Games Design mainly responsible for 1st year students. He started developing his first games before “indie” was even a term, all the way back to 1997.

As a designer, Thom focuses on the final outcome: the simple playful experience, either digital or analogue.

He is a strong believer that there are no problems, only less elegant solutions, after all the world impossible states itself “I am possible”.

Thom has a BSc (Hons) in Digital Games Design and a MA in Digital Games: Theory & Design.

Thom has given lectures on game design at academic and industry conferences, and as a guest lecturer at universities covering various aspects of theoretical and industry knowledge, and practical hands-on experience as designer and developer.

He is most known under his nickname “Fanotherpg” for following initiatives:

  • Founder and coordinator for many years of Game Industry Conference –  initially known as Zjazd Twórców Gier (ZTG). Under his command the conference has grown immensely from a small student-led fan gathering to a high-profile international industry event which it is now. It wouldn't have been possible without his managerial skills.
  • As a member of Games Research Association of Poland, he has proven his competence as lecturer and instructor as well as provided highly valuable industry advice on curriculum design, and facilitated a collaboration on curriculum development between UKW Gamedec and Brunel University.
  • Winner of Global Game Jam IGDA Accessibility Challenge for London and World (2012) with a maximum score.
  • Assisting with e-Sports administration at Insomnia and Rapture gaming festivals as a paid contractor/volunteer.

His research interests are within fields of myth and folklore, history of games, their development and teaching.

When teaching he likes to get his hands dirty and lead by example, inspiring students and encouraging them to make the best games they can, whatever genre or mechanic they want to utilise.

In game design and development he notes the importance of modular structure and experiencing as many areas as possible.

Thom is often volunteering his time to support various game dev organisations, including among others:
  • Being Global Game Jam's Regional Organizer for UK and Ireland
  • Limit Breaks' Education Mentor
  • Women in Games Ambassador

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Twitter: @Fanotherpg