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Creative Industries Management Research Hub

About the hub

The Creative Industries Management Research Hub (CIMRH) develops knowledge and new understanding of management, organisational and network behaviours as applied specifically to the activities of creative industries.

We seek to apply a critical and multidisciplinary lens to the way cultural and communication industries function in the 21st century.

Key activities

We explore:

  • How management, business practices and organisational theories are applied and adapted when studying this sector, taking into account its particular and unique characteristics.
  • Contemporary concerns that challenge the industry, such as diversity, decolonisation and digital transformation.
  • Professional relationships and networks across the industry that evolve through different platforms including social media and online communities.
  • Research methodologies and emerging approaches that help us examine the different activities within the creative industries.

We do this through our individual research projects and CIMRH events.

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Frania Hall,


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Group members

Amplifying Black Voices in Creative Media Marketing

Panel discussion