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Rita Ataide Novais

BA (Hons) Animation alumni
London College of Communication
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Rita  Ataide Novais


Rita graduated from BA (Hons) Animation at London College of Communication in 2020.


What was the most interesting project you worked on during your course?
Each project proposed a new challenge and opportunity for experimentation, from working collaborative on live projects to producing personal short films, the course offered a real breath of creative explorations.

Did the course provide opportunities to engage with industry?
Yes, we had regular guest speakers from the most acclaimed animation studios in London. We worked in live projects with recognised institutions, such as the Barbican Centre, Horniman Museum, British Library and others.

We also took part in international animation festivals and events, such as Monstra in Lisbon, Pictoplasma in Berlin and London International Animation Festival.

Did you complete any internships whilst being on the course?
Whilst in the course, I worked as a freelance animator for clients and charities such as Crisis UK and the Latin Programme.

By the end of my second year, I got offered a one-year internship in the Animation Original Content team at Disney Channels. This role introduced me to the Kids TV world and opened many doors into the animation industry.

My responsibilities ranged from script editing to reviewing pitches, from managing design assets to discussing animatics.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?
This course is all about experimenting, finding your boundaries as well as giving free reigns to your creativity.

I would not hesitate jumping into projects with a 'give me all' and 'take it all' attitude. The more open you are to collaboration and confronting yourself with unknown territory the richer your experience will be.

Most importantly, people are key. Animation folks are a lovely lot and I would encourage anyone to approach who you admire for advice or even to become friends with. Building a network of contacts is really important to make your stamp in the industry.

What was the highlight of your London College of Communication experience?
LCC is placed under the wider UAL dome, which gave me a wide range of artistic interactions and stimulus.

Participating in university-wide projects and events carved out a place for me in the arts world.

From working with textile design staff on a charity project to exhibiting animation work in the Kubrick Archives event, from winning a place at the Xhibit 2018, to exploring the college-wide workshops. LCC plus UAL equals a five-star arts university experience.

What have you been up to since graduating?
After graduation, I have progressed to take on a role in development at the BBC.

I'm currently coordinating the development of animated TV series at BBC Children's In-House Productions.

My role covers editorial work, such as script editing, design briefs and research, to production management tasks, such as budget and scheduling.

How did BA (Hons) Animation support getting you to where you are today?
The course supported me in building up my confidence and weaving my place within the animation network and wider creative industries.

From someone who didn't know anyone in animation nor in film and TV, the course gave the blanket starting point to build a career in the field I wished to work in.

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