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Marion Lagedamont

Lecturer, MA Service Design and BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts
London College of Communication
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Marion  Lagedamont


Marion Lagedamont is Lecturer in Prototyping, Materialising and Storytelling for Design Futures on MA Service Design and BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts, London College of Communication. Her inter-disciplinary practice sits at the crossroads of storytelling, critical design, research and teaching. She is also a member of Service Futures Lab and Supra Systems Studio, both research and practice groups at LCC.

Her professional practice is built upon her interest in addressing societal and techno-cultural issues and the unanswered questions they involve. Her specialist areas of interest are storytelling, folklore and technologies, and how they intersect in the design field. Her practice involves the use of occult and supernatural narratives as frameworks for a critique of emerging technologies, generating alternative ways of thinking about them. Furthermore, she looks into how we can “craft” future narratives as positive and empathetic navigation tools for our relationship with machines and complex infrastructures. She considers this work to be a work of translation, reframing and making opaque issues accessible.

Her work has been exhibited at the V&A Museum in 2018, and with the Inclusive Tech Alliance in 2019. In February 2020, she completed a year-long residency with LCC for which she created The Banality of Bias (BOB), a body of work exploring the tradition of exclusion and bias across technology; emphasising the urgent need for greater empathy and inclusivity.

The core of her research and practice revolves around finding new and innovative ways, often through creative storytelling, to bring transparency to opaque problems in an effort to translate them into inclusive and accessible discourses. This ongoing work of translation is fully imbedded in her teaching, bringing this practice and theoretical framework to life.

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