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Spotlight On: Zhuoqun Wang, MA 3D Computer Animation – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019

Computer animated cyborg character playing basketball in a futuristic metal room.
Computer animated cyborg character playing basketball in a futuristic metal room.
Image © Zhuoqun Wang
Written by
Jake May
Published date
24 November 2019

Students from MA 3D Computer Animation will be exhibiting an array of innovative and boundary-pushing projects to prospective employers, industry, the public, and friends and family, as part of LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019.

The course will be showing in LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 alongside students across graphic design, film, data visualisation, games design, branding, virtual reality and more, with a Launch Event on 4 December and exhibiting from 5 – 7 December.

Get an idea of what to expect at LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019 as we shine a spotlight on just a handful of the projects set to go on show from the next generation of leading creatives spanning the always-evolving disciplines of design, media and screen...

Zhuoqun Wang

Space Basketball

In Zhuoqun Wang's words...

"This animation is about a cyborg man playing basketball in a sci-fi surrounding. The animation mainly shows the body mechanics of the character as well as the surrounding. The character rig and the environment are done by other artists. The credits are given at the end of the video.

"I did the animation, texture, lighting, render and post production. Before starting animating the character, I shot a reference video to best match the body gesture and timing of the animation.The animation is finished with Maya and is uploaded to deadline render farm with Arnold.

"The whole animation are rendered in multiple AOV layers for me to do any necessary work in the Post. The textures are produced in Substance Painter and are exported back into Maya. Each texture has a proper material shader on top of it. The post work is done in After Effect."

Follow Zhuoqun Wang on Instagram to find out more.

LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 takes place from 5 – 7 December.

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