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Spotlight On: BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity – LCC Degree Shows 2019

hands holding book open
hands holding book open
Lauryn Raymond Evans ©
Written by
Jake May
Published date
14 June 2019

BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication explores diverse and creative approaches to branding and identity from concept to outcome. Students gain valuable insights into all aspects of the subject, from its historical, social, cultural and commercial contexts, through to design practice relating to brand and identity expression.

This course produces storytellers, strategic thinkers and creative communicators who will become significant professional practitioners within this expansive industry.

Explore a handful of the projects on show LCC Degree Shows 2019: Show 2...

Saada Yusuf

Your Muslim Women

woman in hijab at bus stop wearing mask
Saada Yusuf ©

Your Muslim Women is an art directed comedic campaign focused on bringing awareness to the assumption and misconception people have about Muslim women who wear the hijab and how they are viewed within our society.

Mayowa Dairo

Madaké Therapy, Beautifully Bamboo

tea box set on grass
Mayowa Dairo ©

This self-created brand delivers a range of eco-friendly products in a luxurious fashion. The product range features a clever use of the sustainable and biodegradable plant, Bamboo, with its many uses that all play a key role in resource-saving for our planet. The brand identity and tone of voice focuses on traditional ways of handcrafted designing, naturally sourced ingredients and aromatherapy recommendations.

The screen-printed patterns and handmade set of boxes are approached with a Boho Chic feel inspired by William Morris, the Rococo art movement and bamboo leaves. Enriching the eco-friendly and natural side of the bamboo products, these luxurious boxes eliminate the damaging cycle of disposable packaging - instead promoting a reusable and multi-purposeful set to keep.

Valentina Standhartinger

The Meyerhof

postcards from a hotel in Salzburg
Valentina Standhartinger ©

The Meyerhof Hotel is based in Salzburg, Austria yet has locations all over the world and its brand promise is the highest quality standards of service. It offers a unique relationship with the individual Manager. The idea of being taken care of, being in touch with local and seasonal produce, whether it’s food or culture, and not having to worry about anything is Meyerhof.

Each hotel has a personality and character that makes the experience individual, memorable and personal. For this brand, in particular, creating a branding, that can easily be adapted to other cities while still keeping the image of a boutique hotel was the most important part in terms of the designing.

Zixiong Zhou

Haipai Shanghai Boutique Hotel

collage of design components
Zixiong Zhou ©

This is a live brief given by the design agency - Forpeople. We were asked to create an upscale, global boutique hotel brand in a world renowned location.  I tried to create a dialogue between Shanghai cultural heritage, history, and global audiences. The word Haipai was coined to define the unique dualistic cultural heritage in Shanghai.

The brand story was crafted by bringing the memory of tradition and culture during 1920s into the present day of Shanghai. Due to my dual-cultural experience that live in China and UK, I always try to communicate the Chinese culture and audience from different cultural backgrounds through my project. Therefore, please don't hesitate to give me any feedback about my project, all of your thoughts will be valuable for me.

Alexander Robertson

Gaff Hotel & Curios Grotesque

hotel breakfast menu and cutlery
Alexander Roberston ©

Gaff is a boutique hotel based on London’s South Bank. It embraces the history of the local area which influences the design of the hotel, to create a naturally comfortable place to rest while the city moves. The name Gaff is known today as the British slang for ‘one’s humble abode’, however it also derives from the old Victorian ‘Penny Gaffs’ which were first established on the South Bank itself, hosting underground entertainment venues.

The touch-points are specifically designed to facilitate the range of experiences throughout the duration of the guests’ stay. This project was mentored with London-based design studio for people.

Lauryn Raymond Evans


hands holding book open
Lauryn Raymond Evans ©

Ladyfuckin’like is a way of life, we strive to challenge and change the stereotype of what it means to be a lady. We redefine what it means to be ladylike, by embracing the real women of today. Wear what you want, say what you think, swear like a sailor, eat like a pig, break all the rules. Be Ladyfuckin’Like.

LCC Degree Shows 2019: Show 2 takes place from 19–22 June 2019.

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