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MA Documentary Film graduate selected for prestigious 2020 One World Media Fellowship

A banner illustrating the One World Fellows.
A banner illustrating the One World Fellows.
Image credit: One World Media.
Written by
Chloe Murphy
Published date
29 June 2020

Leslie Maria Lampe is one of 20 emerging journalists and filmmakers who will be supported to produce engaging and creative media in developing countries.

One World Media is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting excellence in media coverage across the wider world. For nearly 3 decades, their work has focused on the creation of strong, vibrant and independent media which empowers citizens, promotes justice and contributes to international development.

Each year, the One World Fellowship programme enables a select group of young creatives to develop global, non-fiction stories through documentary film, print, audio or multimedia. Support includes one-to-one career mentorship, industry workshops, a £1000 production grant and the offer of an Executive Producer for each project.

Leslie graduated from LCC’s MA Documentary Film course in 2019. As a filmmaker and new media designer, her work explores the key issues of youth, conflict and trauma, with a particular focus on current global political conflicts and the Climate Crisis. In Autumn 2020, she’ll begin studying for her MPhil in Film and Screen Studies at the University of Cambridge.

We chatted to Leslie about the exciting opportunities offered by the One World Fellowship, her passion for documentary filmmaking, and her experiences of studying at LCC.

A crowd of young people protest Climate Change.
Still taken from 'Whose Future? Our Future' by Leslie Maria Lampe.

"An incredible network of mentors, fellows and partners from industry"

Tell us a little bit about the One World Fellowship: how did you first hear about it, and how did you get involved?

"One World Media focuses on reporting from developing countries and supporting unheard voices and underrepresented communities. 20 fellows are selected on a competitive basis each year, and are supported to their deliver projects while joining an incredible network of mentors, fellows and partners from industry.

"I first heard about the One World Media Fellowship from my tutors at LCC, as well as from several guest speakers from the documentary film industry who we had a chance to talk to during our studies.

"After I graduated, a new idea evolved from my major degree project, which had been supported by my major project tutor, Nancy Platt. This turned out to be a story largely told in and about an indigenous community in the Amazon rainforest. As this is the first film that I’ll direct and produce myself outside of University, I really wished for guidance, industry experience, inspiration and support, so receiving the One World Media Fellowship has offered a really perfect opportunity."

What does being selected for the One World Fellowship mean to you?

"I’m beyond excited that I was selected as a 2020 OWM Fellow. It’s given me a great deal of confidence that the selecting panels had so much confidence in my idea. It will definitely help me to shape my Idea further and to realise a project about youth climate activism across the world, a topic that I'm very passionate about.

"The Fellowship will also allow me to meet filmmakers, artists and journalists from all over the world and at various career stages, and will hopefully lead to friendships and future collaborations. I’m very much looking forward to learning as much as I can from this talented group of people, and to hopefully bring some insights and ideas myself."

A boy stares at his school desk.
Still taken from 'Whose Future? Our Future' by Leslie Maria Lampe.

"Helping us to find our passions, strengths and career paths"

What have been the highlights of your time on the MA Documentary Film course at LCC?

"One of the highlights was definitely the unconditional and passionate support we had from our course leader Jeremy Williams, former course leader Ken Kirby, and our tutors, lecturers and technicians. For every question, concern or impossible plan, I found an open ear within the course team, and our projects and mental wellbeing owe a great deal to all of them. It always felt as if our tutors had a profound interest in helping us to find our passions, strengths and career paths which was one of the most motivating aspects of my life at LCC.

"Because our course was quite small, we also benefitted from a lot of one-to-one time, as well as masterclasses organised with and through our tutors' contacts to high-profile industry speakers.

"Overall, MA Documentary Film provided me with a holistic understanding of filmmaking and the UK film and television industry, as well as film history, theory, ethics and methodologies."

A collage of the 2020 One World Media Fellows
Image credit: One World Media.

“Great passion for social change”

Iris Wakulenko, Acting Course Leader for MA Documentary Film, explained that Leslie's Fellowship is a testament to her skills as a young filmmaker.

“We are so proud of our talented alumna Leslie Maria Lampe and thrilled that she has been awarded the One World Media Fellowship," she said.

"When working on her Master's degree, Leslie applied herself so diligently, showed great passion for social change through the subject of her graduation film, Whose Future? OUR FUTURE!, and worked with sensitivity following her contributor and his family while filming over the months required.

"One World Media is an organisation whose work we value highly, so we are delighted that another of our graduates is now benefitting from the fantastic support and network that the Fellowship offers to new filmmakers.”

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