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Miguel Edgardo Cortez

MA Public Relations graduate
London College of Communication
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Miguel  Edgardo Cortez


Miguel moved from the Philippines to study MA Public Relations at London College of Communication. After graduating, Miguel secured an internal communications role for a large universal bank in his home country.


Why did you decide to pursue a postgraduate degree in public relations?
Initially, I had no plans of pursuing a postgraduate degree. I had reached a point where I felt comfortable with where I was in my life, personally and professionally. Feeling comfortable had somewhat made me forget how life is really all about continuous learning. Despite working in professional communications roles, I felt the need to expand my global perspective in order to reach my potential.

What was the highlight of studying at London College of Communication?
Every day at London College of Communication was an adventure, a profound learning experience. I feel privileged to have had access to so many sources of knowledge - from physical assets such as top-notch libraries and digital databases, to being able to rub shoulders with industry trailblazers and top academics.

The University’s culturally diverse student population is a true reflection of London. Being around students from so many age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds made for fruitful discussions, both in the classroom and over countless cups of coffee.

What was the most valuable lesson you learnt from studying on the course? 
To never ever stop learning; never ever feel satisfied with seeing the world in a singular way.

What was the most interesting project you worked on the course?
Definitely my final major project. It gave me an opportunity to provide data-driven commentary on how the current socio-political situation in my home country has served to affect how communicators practice their craft on a daily basis.

Did you complete any work placements during the course?
Networking is critical in any endeavour. I had the unique opportunity to serve as a Board Member for the UK chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. I was given this opportunity by an industry mentor assigned to me by London College of Communication. This placement gave me the chance to engage in fruitful discussions and work with the very best in European Public Relations. This opportunity was only made possible through the Industry Mentoring Scheme and I highly recommend taking full advantage of this privilege.

If you could give one piece of advice to students thinking of applying to the course, what would it be?
Come in with an open mind. Be open to collaboration. Embrace mutual respect, and listening. Be yourself. Showcase who you are and contribute to the rich tapestry that is global culture and communication.

What have you been up to since graduating from the course?
I have since gone on to take on a pivotal internal communications role for a large universal bank in the Philippines. This job has allowed me to make significant contributions to the organisation’s ongoing efforts at business transformation.

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