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Maisie Noble

Year One Leader, Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media
London College of Communication


Maisie is Year One Leader and Senior Lecturer on BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication. She specialises in time-based, immersive and experiential media and holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in both Communication Design, Illustration and Academic Practice. Maisie has a background in figurative and fashion illustration and has worked with national and international clients such as Harvey Nichols, H&M and Penguin Random House.

Maisie’s practice is rooted in the hybridisation of analogue and digital techniques. By moving between processes such as drawing, ceramics, installation, AI image making and animation, Maisie creates immersive and cyclical wordless narratives that entice the viewer in through light, motion, colour and sound. Maisie enjoys playing with notions and structures of spatial and temporal direction by granting her viewer creative agency and allowing them to lead or alter the narrative.

Maisie is a member of Vulgar Earth, a creative collective who aim to ‘take a thought provoking and emotionally charged look at the beauty and vulgarity of human relationships with the natural world and our current disassociation from it’. This enables her to create work exploring ecofeminist perspectives surrounding movements such as rewilding and marine conservation.

Maisie’s academic research is concerned with concepts of the ‘Illustrative Manner’, which is a phrase to describe illustration as a way of thinking rather than simply a form of visual media. This has led to explorations of conversation as an illustration method via the creation of a podcast. And the development of practice based participatory research projects that explore notions of AI Image generation using natural language programming.

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