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Air Pollution

Student work for Air Pollution project
Student work for Air Pollution project

In the Spring of 2019, BA (Hons) User Experience Design students were invited by a researcher from the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London to deliver work engaging the public and raising awareness on the topic of air pollution.

BA (Hons) User Experience Design teaching staff and the Imperial researcher co-wrote a brief for the students to respond to based on the premise that often data and information about intangible and complex topics such as air pollution are insufficiently engaging.

Therefore the students were challenged to respond to this brief in experimental forms outside of conventional User Interface and information.

Recent developments of more accurate models for air pollution data have offered the opportunity to more accurately inform the public about the health risks and environmental costs of air pollution.

This collaboration between the course and the Centre for Environmental Policy allowed students to explore methods of positively affecting people’s attitudes and behaviours in ways which can lead to beneficial health outcomes.

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