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Spotlight on Screen School – LCC Degree Shows 2017


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05 June 2018
Bringing together the time-based art forms of film, games, animation, sound arts and design, and live events, Screen School will show together for the first time as part of LCC Degree Shows 2017, showcasing work that emphasises the creation of positive and enriching lived experiences.

Graduating students from BA (Hons) Animation, BA (Hons) Film Practice, BA (Hons) Film and TelevisionBA (Hons) Games Design, BA (Hons) Live Events and Television and BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design are taking over The Workshop London, showing work to industry, friends, and members of the public.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of the work on show.

BA (Hons) Animation

An exploratory, experimental and playful course where students are encourage to consider the final format of their work and the way in which it communicates with its audience as part of the critical and creative process.

Giocomo Autili, Kenneth Hang, Felix Ivanovic, Dante Kishishev, Rebecca Perrone, Jack Quiben and Simone Smith


Inspired by Twin Peaks, In the Air is Christopher Gray and Minou, Oops is a black comedy 2D animated short with a surreal atmosphere about a detective and a policeman who investigate a crime scene revolving around a pool of blood in the middle of a living room. The unexpected presence of a precious, giant witness who’s beak is stuck inside the bookcase is definitely going to change their investigations…

BA (Hons) Film and Television

Focusing not just on hands-on programme making but also programme making that combines intensive practice with a developed understanding of key contextual and theoretical ideas.

Mari Akkanen, Jack Hamilton and Sarah Vaughan

‘The Ferryman Lautturi’

A character-driven fantasy short film loosely based on ancient Finnish mythology, Lautturi focuses on an odd friendship that is formed between an outcast village girl and the daughter of Death himself.

Shot in the remote forests of southern Finland and in the country’s native language, Latturi is a bilingual production headed by Finnish writer/director Mari Akkanen and American producer Sarah Vaughan.

The film was accepted into Finland’s Suomi 100 program, curated by Finland’s Prime Minsters’ Office to celebrate the country’s 100th anniversary as an independent country.

Nicky Chue and Julia Almeida Coelho

‘Cake & Candles’

Cake & Candles is a web series centred around a year in the life of three queer friends as they celebrate various birthdays. The series explores important themes such as sexuality, gender, and race, but also touches on subjects such as sisterhood, family and youth culture in London.

Cadhla Kennedy Ko, Gabriella Passerello, Zhengayang Qui and Cherry Walker


Mica is quiet, bookish girl with few friends. She has a tendency to turn her emotions inward, not knowing how to express these feelings, causing her to become depressed and developing Dissociative Identity Disorder, spawning the other side of her – Alexi.

This film follows a mother’s quest to absolve her daughter Mica of a violent murder, discovering Mica’s dark secret along the way, causing her to rethink the family life she thought they led.

BA (Hons) Games Design

A creative course focusing on the challenging nature of games, equipping students with the skills and knowledge to build their original, conceptual and highly playable games.

Berakah Amoyaw, Dante Kishishev, Chris Li, Jack Quiben, Pete Robertson, Tesh Samuel, Kristina Stelmaka, Molly Viner and Eleanor Watts

‘The Grove – A VR Experience’

A cross-course collaborative project by students from BA (Hons) Animation, BA (Hons) Games Design and BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design, The Grove is a VR experience that will transport you to a peaceful pocket of nature that rarely gets the chance to be enjoyed in real life. Based within a forest, visitors encounter a variety of different animals, some shy and some scary. By stepping into this virtual reality experience, you will be able to discover some of the secrets our world has to offer.

BA (Hons) Live Events and Television

Developing specialist skills and a detailed understanding of the many types of production work, students on the course learn to produce, direct and manage productions.

Chloe Mattei

TEDxUAL is an independently organised event, licensed by TED and run by students from across UAL. This year’s theme was ‘Momentum’, focusing on showing the audience how to get their ideas moving forward by developing concepts through networking, conversation and collaboration. Leading fourteen students across UAL, Chloe Mattei organised the event that featured ten speakers and a live performance.

BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design

Students explore the capture, creation and manipulation of sound to produce individual portfolios of original sound arts and design work.

Ted Brunning

‘Audible Thoughts: Programme Notes’

An installation that aims to give insight into what it is like to experience the auditory hallucinations often associated with schizophrenia. Consisting of a microphone through which words are spoken and then processed digitally with the aim of representing the aspects of voice hearing. The audience are invited to speak through the microphone or to sit in the middle of the speakers and listen to someone else speaking. The installation asks the question: if you could control the sounds inside someone else’s head, what would you make them hear?