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Spotlight on MA Service Design – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018


Written by
Dayna McAlpine
Published date
04 December 2018

MA Service Design applies design as a strategic process to problem-solve and innovate services from a human-centred perspective. The emphasis on team-working and cross-fertilisation of ideas prepares students for the working world and stimulates innovation. In this year’s show, LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018: Show 2, 5th – 8th December 2018, you can expect to see a range of industry and public projects which apply service design methods and test theory into practice.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of projects on show…

Martyna Krystyna Bielak


‘RE.GENERATION is a digital service that facilitates and supports cross-sectoral collaboration in heritage-led regeneration projects. The service aims to spread knowledge about revitalisation, build a community around it, share the best practices and expertise. Furthermore RE.GENERATION offers self-reflection tools which help to define personal capabilities and purposes in revitalisation and support partnerships by tracking their project pathway and suggesting a methodology, methods and tools adequate to the phase of the collaboration.’

Find Martina on LinkedIn.

Michele Cipollone

‘Ma se ghe penso” – Catalysing Genoa’s Startup Ecosystem’

‘Our mission – inspire, educate and connect the youth from Liguria to encourage startup entrepreneurial culture and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our vision – build altogether a strong startup ecosystem in the city of Genova.’