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Matthew Andrew

Sproxton Award for Photography - 2005 winner

Rise and Fall juxtaposes large scale colour images of archaeological digs and supercomputers to draw attention to a subterranean latency of meaning both in the sites he photographs and in the photographic image itself. Matthew is a graduate of MA Photography at London College of Communication and 2005 winner of the Sproxton Award for Photography.

Artist statement

"The Rise and The Fall’ consists of 2 series of 5 images, making one piece of work consisting of a total of 10 images.

The work is designed to be hung with one series above the other in a grid, with the images of Supercomputers above the images of the Archaeological digs. The style of the work both in the way it is shot and the way it is presented follow the conventions of reference photography.

The images are Light jet prints from 5 x 4-inch negatives. They are printed on glossy paper and displayed in dark wood frames behind glass.

The work itself comments on the cyclical nature of history and information in relation to the visual medium. Both subjects depicted store latent information that requires decoding before it can be understood fully.

In this way the work explores one’s preconceptions of what a reference photograph should be, and how much information is conveyed to the viewer using a visual medium such as photography."

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  • matthew-andrew-01.jpg
    Rise and Fall – 01
  • matthew-andrew-06.jpg
    Rise and Fall – 06
  • matthew-andrew-02.jpg
    Rise and Fall – 02
  • matthew-andrew-09.jpg
    Rise and Fall – 09
  • matthew-andrew-03.jpg
    Rise and Fall – 03
  • matthew-andrew-08.jpg
    Rise and Fall – 08
  • matthew-andrew-05.jpg
    Rise and Fall – 05