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Jessica Mallock

Sproxton Award for Photography - 2009 winner

Jessica Mallock was born in Dublin in 1963. She studied for a degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London in 1994 and completed her MA at the London College of Communication, London in 2009. Jessica is a graduate of MA Photography at London College of Communication and 2009 winner of the Sproxton Award for Photography.

The 2009 judges: Charlotte Cotton / Peter Ainsworth (MA Photography 2007)

Artist statement

“Thinking of the photograph as an object makes photography itself available as a material. With this starting point, I attempt to explore simultaneously – both the spaces of photography – the space within the frame (the internal space of the image) and the overlooked space the photograph physically occupies (its context).

Making sculptural works using photographs is an attempt to test the boundaries of both photography and art.

“These works are further informed by my apparently contradictory obligations: to keep house and to make art, offering an attempt to fold together the space between these seemingly polar urges.

Using formal considerations of art production and display applied to more prosaic or mundane activities (and vice versa) I attempt to draw parallels between these areas of activity and explore where they coincide: imposing order (arranging and display), maintaining (preservation and archive), and sustaining (repetition, invention and re-invention). The resulting works are ‘marriages’ of ideas, elements and processes laid bare.”


  • j-mallock-1-whitepaper.jpg
    C-Type photograph and plinth (A4 paper with buckle)
  • j-mallock-2-choppingboard.jpg
    Ripped C-Type photograph mounted on glass (chopping board)
  • j-mallock-3-jcloth-1.jpg
    Crumpled C-Type photograph and plinth (J Cloth)
  • j-mallock-4-jcloth.jpg
    Crumpled C-Type photograph and plinth (J Cloth)
  • j-mallock-7-blackaluminiumcomp.jpg
    C-Type photograph mounted on aluminum with gloss laminate (Black background un-folded)
  • j-mallock-6-worktop.jpg
    C-Type photograph and plinth (worktop) (2009) (plinth with brown paper)