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Claire Waffel

Sproxton Award for Photography - 2004 winner

Claire Waffel explores her relationship with her grandmother through 'Close Family', a series of staged and archetypal portraits, and Inventory, a video journey through her grandmother’s house in which memory and reality collide. Claire is a graduate of MA Photography at London College of Communication and 2004 winner of the Sproxton Award for Photography.

Artist statement

Claire believes that winning the award encouraged her to pursue a creative career. She worked as a freelance photographer for clients including the Sunday Telegraph Magazine and Art Review.

Her work has been exhibited in the Schweppes Portrait Photography Award Exhibition 2004 and published in Source magazine.Recently she was commissioned to produce a series of portraits of war veterans, shortly to be published under the title Art and Remembrance and which are part of the permanent Collection of the Imperial War Museum in London since 2008.

In 2007, she received an artist residency in Schloss Plüschow, Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus in the East of Germany. Claire lives in Berlin where she is currently engaged in a postgraduate professional programme for female artists called Goldrausch art IT.

The series “Close Family” (C-Type photographs, 2002-2003, 38,5 cm x 38,5 cm & 100 cm x 100 cm) explores the relationship between her grandmother and herself.

In “Inventory” (Digital Video, 2004, 7.50 min) she explores the memory of a domestic space. In a voiceover narration her grandmother describes the upstairs of her house and the minutiae of familiar surroundings from memory over a filmed account showing the current reality of this space.

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  • close-family-2.jpg
    Close Family – 2
  • Close-familyw1.jpg
    Close Family – 1
  • close-family-3.jpg
    Close Family – 3
  • close-family-4.jpg
    Close Family – 4
  • close-family-5.jpg
    Close Family – 5