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Betsie Van Der Meer

Sproxton Award for Photography - 2003 winner

In Farm, Betsie van der Meer revisits the abandoned farmhouse in which she grew up in an uncanny evocation of a childhood in which rooms and objects are saturated with the shifting and slippery significance of dreams. Betsie is a graduate of MA Photography at London College of Communication and 2003 winner of the Sproxton Award for Photography.

Artist statement

Betsie grew up on a farm in the south west of the Netherlands. She spent most of her childhood on the farm, leaving when she was about seventeen. She went back to photograph her memories of growing up there.

Whilst photographing she learned that the family had to demolish the house, and this gave her a sense of urgency: she wanted to have a record of the space before the opportunity was lost.

Many farms have become unprofitable within the changing economies of Europe. What happened to the house symbolised many of the wider processes that happened to farming families in the area.

The award helped Betsie to produce a self-published book called Farm that was printed in Belgium and distributed by Schaden Germany. Farm was also produced as an exhibition at the Naarden Photofestival in the Netherlands.

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  • 01frontdoor.jpg
    Farm – 01
  • 02modelhouse.jpg
    Farm – 02
  • 03hair.jpg
    Farm – 03
  • 06portraitgirl.jpg
    Farm – 06
  • 07fieldtracks.jpg
    Farm – 07
  • 08horse.jpg
    Farm – 08
  • 10hand.jpg
    Farm – 10
  • 12livingroom.jpg
    Farm – 12
  • 15girlsback.jpg
    Farm – 15