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Ravin Raori

Lecturer, Narrative Media for BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design
London College of Communication
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Ravin  Raori


Ravin Raori is an architect, creative producer, interdisciplinary artist and educator. He is a Lecturer in Narrative Media for the BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design course at London College of Communication.

His practice aims to construct transformative spatial and narrative experiences by integrating the disciplines of architecture, visual art, interactive media art, film, robotics, interaction design and creative technology. His research explores the relationships between people and emerging technologies. It questions the extent to which these technological systems affect our lives and further investigates the impact they could have on our collective futures. His work has been exhibited worldwide, including the Venice Biennale, Ars Electronica and the Tate Britain.

Ravin has a deep-rooted interest in narrative communication. His research interests in emerging technologies and systems of Artificial Intelligence contributed to the making of a film called ‘Counterproductive’, which he co-created and produced in the years 2020-2021. The film marked the culmination of Ravin’s postgraduate research. It was exhibited and awarded at several art and film festivals around the world including Independent Shorts Awards, New York International Film Awards, The Monthly Film Festival in Glasgow, Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival, Chicago Indie Film Awards, Lift Off Film Festival in Manchester, Toronto International Women Film Festival, Dumbo Film Festival in New York and Venice Shorts in California. Ravin was also invited to present this research at Coventry University for the Centre for Postdigital Cultures 2021 Conference.

Ravin was selected to be part of the Creative Producer Program at Ars Electronica. As part of the program, he co-authored a manifesto along with 22 other creative practitioners called ‘A Manifesto for Creative Producing’ presented at the 2021 Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. The Manifesto calls for the generation, facilitation and transformation of radically inclusive creative spaces with a transdisciplinary orientation to a post-disciplinary world.

Ravin has previously taught at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. He has been conducting research in emerging technologies in fashion. He has been co-designing experiential teaching sessions stemming from this research, along with fellow researchers at UAL. He has been invited to present this work at the UAL ExEd conference in 2022.

Ravin has a background in architecture and design for performance and interaction. He holds a Master of Architecture from The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London where he graduated with a distinction. He also holds an undergraduate degree in architecture from The University of Hong Kong.

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