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Marie-Lilien Funk

London College of Communication
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Marie-Lilien  Funk


Marie-Lilien Funk is a 2nd year student on BA (Hons) Design Management (previously called BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures) at London College of Communication.


Why did you choose to study this course and why London College of Communication?

For a very long time I was interested in studying something related to Fashion, but after preparing my portfolio I realised that I was looking for something a little more academic. I started researching courses and found Design Management & Cultures.

I read through the description and was surprised how accurately it captured what I was interested in and wanted to do. It combined design practice with design theory. I was a very big fan of UAL, even before I came to London. The University represents all the values I was missing in German art schools.

What was your first impression of London College of Communication when you joined?

Very positive! Until today, I’m surprised how helpful and supportive everyone is. If you have a question about the facilities or briefs you can ask your tutors and they will give you all the support you need.

When I first started I was used to the conventional teaching styles in Germany. The personal and experimental approach at London College of Communication has made my learning a lot more fun. Our voices as students here are taken into consideration when designing the curriculum and classes, which is really motivating. There is no space for competition, everyone is collaborative and super approachable.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on through your course so far?

In year two we produced a podcast on sustainability. This was a lot of fun. We were a group of three friends and used the recording studios here at LCC. Having industry-standard facilities to record this made it a great experience and seeing the high quality of the outcome, made it even better.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?

Don’t stress yourself too much, you will learn much more by experimenting, so don’t try get everything right. Don’t think about the grades, but try to find a way to do the assignments that make you get the most out of it for yourself and find your individual way of doing them.

Be pro-active and take advantage of all the facilities. There are so many workshops and opportunities to learn new skills, create and be creative. Even if you don’t have time on the day the workshop is scheduled, just go to the staff and ask them, they will help and find a way for you.

What are some recent interesting projects you’ve worked on?

During my first year I was part of the UAL Future Studio project. It was one of the most interesting projects I ever did. I met really interesting people from different industries. As part of the project, we went on a weekend trip to Barcelona and attended the IAM conference to present our projects. The event was about exploring possible future scenarios, it was very thought-provoking. Through UAL Futures I learnt that If you have an idea, you just have to chase it. Don’t think too big, it blocks you from trying out and getting something going.

Last summer, I launched a small jewellery brand ‘Jolou Beads’ with a friend who just finished her Journalism Degree at LCC. It’s a very organic process and growth, which makes it a lot of fun and not too serious.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without:

Pinterest, exhibitions, people watching

What has been the highlight of your LCC experience so far?

There are many highlights. One is just the general atmosphere at the University. Interacting with the people, their projects and just being surrounded by creativity is a nice feeling.

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