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Konstantinos Pappas

Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Public Relations
London College of Communication
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Konstantinos  Pappas


Konstantinos Pappas is a Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Public Relations course at London College of Communication.

In his PhD, Konstantinos researches the impact of the failed coup attempt of July 2016 in Turkey on European correspondents residing in Istanbul; the aim of his research is to demonstrate the factors that shape the intercultural communication and the international journalism in times of socio-political crises. In his research, he applies sociological, media and historical theories and frameworks to trace the actors and agents’ networks. His most recent publication ‘Otherness and self-censorship in the coup-coup land: Greek correspondents in Turkey pre- and post-coup attempt’ describes the actors shaping intercultural communication alongside notions of otherness and self-censorship. In his teaching, Konstantinos creates an inclusive learning environment where students feel safe to express their academic and professional queries and engage in a cross-fertilization of ideas; his teaching is based on theories and practices strongly related to PR professionalism, in order to empower students to follow their aspirations. For him, being a teacher means to be able to listen and learn from the students as well.

His research interests lie on a vast range of media and communication fields: intercultural communication, international journalism, political communication, self-censorship, cultural ‘otherness’, the spiral of silence and the Foucault’s ‘panopticon’ as means of influencing intercultural communication. He has served as reviewer for prestigious and peer-reviewed journals.

Before joining LCC, Konstantinos worked as senior PR and communications officer for the Greek Parliament and he was leading campaigns to raise awareness about issues related to social inclusion, public policy and gender equality. His work included media advocacy and media monitoring, nation branding, political parties branding and social media content development. Prior to this, Konstantinos has worded as lecturer in media and communication in Higher Education in Turkey and in Greece; his lecturer experience has been enriched with more than 10 years of experience in broadcast and digital media as journalist, news presenter for radio and foreign correspondent in Greece, Turkey, Portugal and France, involved in practices of broadcast and multiplatform journalism.

He has been working as creative writing teacher in various Further Education Institutes and Colleges in Greece and Turkey for the past 9 years and has been delivering classes related to writing fiction, poetry and theatre alongside with professional creative writing classes about writing for media, social media content development and writing for PR campaigns and fundraising. He is a published author of two books of fiction.

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