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Harriet Hedden

Lecturer, MA Illustration
London College of Communication
Harriet  Hedden


Harriet Hedden is a Lecturer on MA Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication. at London College of Communication. She is an artist and curator working in painting, print, sculpture and film media.

Helen has taught Fine Art and Design in London and European Art schools including UAL CSM and Chelsea before her current role at LCC. Her practice has included curatorial projects which have included partners such as Kid’s Company (a children’s charity), Tate Modern, Mulberry, Serpentine Gallery and Mayfair Art Weekend.

Her work is in public collections including the British Museum, Strang Print Collection UCL, Deutsche Bank, Tassos Printmaking Archive (Greece), Bedford Museum and private collections.

She studied painting in the UK before two years of research in Freiburg, Germany as a guest of Prof. Peter Dreher, where she also taught at the Albert Ludwig Universität. On her return, Helen won an AHRC scholarship for her MA in Fine Art Printmaking (Slade School of Fine Art). She is a Fellow of the Advance HE Academy.

"As a woman I see painting as a response - a possibility to describe another narrative, a prospect of change. Sometimes I explore the illusions of the body depicted in history key moments in social periods. Through the process of making, I reimagine to connect to the present or future, the re-envisioning of self and society.

The human body occupies the main site of my visual practice. The body as source of experience and an exploration of vulnerability. The transformation - and translation - of materiality and desire.

In my practice I currently explore the play with the idea of fluidity in paint, medium and forms - of something always moving: subjectivity in the material. My recent work uses three-dimensional structures is an exploration of the mutable - that circumnavigates space. The forms intertwine and combine, always moving, never static and the are designed to change and reconfigure.

The paint and processes change as do the supports  - working in film, sculpture print and a variety of investigative approaches, I explore what and how an idea in the medium can be visible, to find the materiality of the invisible".

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