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Giada Pieropan

BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity
London College of Communication
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Giada  Pieropan



Giada Pieropan is in her second year of BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication.

How would you describe your practice (e.g. are you a photographer, designer, illustrator etc)?

I am a definitely a designer. This said, throughout my course I learnt that it is important to know how to do a bit of everything.

Where are you from in the world?

I am from Italy, I come from a little town in the mountains.

Why did you choose to study this course and why LCC?

I decided to study Graphic Branding & Identity because there was no other course like it. It’s very focused on what I like doing the most – creating brands. I chose LCC because it’s renowned in the field of graphic design.

What was your first impression of LCC when you joined?

I thought it was a very welcoming space, and that the university had all the right “structures” to help me create any project I wanted to.

And what’s your favourite thing about LCC now?

Through LCC I’ve met some amazing people, both course mates and professionals, who've helped me a great deal in becoming a better designer.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on through your course so far?

Probably the live project I worked on in my second year. Along with a group of 4, I worked closely with a London company to re-imagine their identity. This was an interesting project because it really tested our abilities to work with a real client. It's also good to have a live project when looking for work because the agencies really like to see that you’ve done more than university briefs.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?

Always think ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to get cracking on a project because you can definitely have time for yourself and do a good project if you schedule your work well!

What three words would you use to best describe LCC?

Welcoming, creative, buzzing

Where are you working at the moment and what are some recent interesting projects you’ve worked on?

I've just finished my first internship at a design studio called Dragon Rouge and I am approaching my final year. At uni I'm working on a personal project – starting a magazine, which is an all-time dream of mine.

Could you describe your style or what you try to achieve with your work?

I don’t think I have a particular style, as I think it’s important to adapt to what a client might want. This said, I definitely like simple and clear designs, that tell a story and spark conversations.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without:

Music, a good sketchbook and London’s ever-changing creative neighbourhoods.

If you could work with any client in the world, who would it be and what would you want to work on?

I would love to work with art galleries, especially the Tate Modern. I would love to design their exhibition posters and campaigns!

How have you found living in London, and where’s your favourite place to explore?

Coming from a small small town, I love living in such a buzzing city. My favourite place has to be Brick Lane - there’s always something new and weird happening there that inspires my work.

What are you hoping to achieve after you graduate?

After I graduate I would like to work for a company that creates work that inspires people and starts a conversation. I'd like to create work that has an impact on society, and doesn’t simply advertise a product.

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