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Alberto Bernardini

BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Cultures student
London College of Communication
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Alberto  Bernardini


Alberto Bernardini is a final  year student on BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Cultures at London College of Communication.


Why did you choose to study this course and why London College of Communication (LCC)?            

This course seemed like a good choice because of its variety. Not knowing what you want to specifically do at 18 or 19 years old is very common and studying BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Cultures has allowed me to create a solid understanding of many forms of media I was interested in. LCC had already been a place some friends saw as their home, so I trusted them. I was also looking for a creative context and there was no place better than UAL for that.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on so far?  

I've really enjoyed the creation of our own short movie. I think it was by far the most interesting and captivating project we were asked to work on.

Have you had any opportunities to engage with industry whilst on the course?

Guest speakers have come more than once to share with us their experiences and people from our course were given the chance to have an exchange around the world, including places such as Santa Barbara in California.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?

Brace yourselves with some tough readings and manage your time well. Most importantly, for me, is to not be afraid to participate in class. Try to get involved in discussion whenever you can, studying communication requires the ability to speak and mostly hear what other people have to say.

What has been the highlight of your LCC experience so far?      

I have enjoyed a lot of the exhibitions LCC holds throughout the year. Going to class you often see a lot of young creatives around university focused on creating their own space for an upcoming exhibition with their original works. When it's finished, the College becomes a sort of art gallery.

How do you find being a student in London? 

Living in London is an amazing experience and life changing when it comes to the freedom you witness in expressing your true self. Everybody is free to be whoever they want and there are not many places in the world where you can experience that.  My perfect day would start at The Breakfast Club, then cruising around shops and exhibitions in Shoreditch and ending the night at Piano Works for some live music.

What are your career aspirations?   

I would like to work in cinema, hoping one day to become a DOP, but I'll guess I'll have to start as a runner like everybody else did!

If you had to describe your LCC experience in three words, what would they be?

Challenging, mind-opening and fun.

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