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Summer of Music, Summer of Zines

her noise zines
her noise zines

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05 July 2017
London College of Communication is home to the University’s Archives and Special Collections Centre and the LCC Zine Collection. We have a range of music zines, comic and counter-culture related activity happening over the summer, including exhibitions, seminars and related events. Here we take a look at what’s coming up…

A Short Exhibition About Music Zines

10 July – 21 July
Lower Gallery, London College of Communication

Co-curated by the LCC Zine Collection and Jen Kavanagh, A Short Exhibition About Music Zines celebrates the rich collection of original punk fanzines of the 1970s through to indie and alternative zines of subsequent decades, housed in the Library Zine Collection at London College of Communication.

The exhibition demonstrates how zines continue to be vital in providing bands and fans with a platform to share their music, express ideas and debate opinions. The DIY ethos and aesthetic of punk subculture continues to influence and empower today.

The exhibition title is inspired by Nick Mann’s A Short Fanzine About Rocking (ASFAR), an influential punk, metal and hardcore music zine which ran for thirty-eight issues from 2001 – 2014. ASFAR had a huge impact on the underground music scene in the UK and beyond with the extracts on display providing examples of Nick’s work and writing, showing the passion and process behind creating a music zine.

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Changing Conversations on Zines: An Open Seminar

13 July | 14:00 – 15:30
Lecture Theatre B

Hosted by LCC lectures Anne Coddington and Frania Hall, and chaired by Dean of Media Steve Cross, Changing Conversations is an informal, open seminar discussing zine culture and how digital technologies are changing approaches to independent publishing.

Anne and Frania will be presenting research into their initial findings from the collection of zines at LCC, an invaluable resource that highlights the changing nature of zines. Anne will present case studies exploring the relationship between zines and independent publishing while Frania will outline some of the key findings examining the evolution of zine culture in light of digital technologies.

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Sounds from the Archive

17 July – 18 August
LCC Studio, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre

Record sleeve designed by Robert Crumb

Sounds from the Archive presents an assemblage of material from the University’s Archives and Special Collections Centre (ASCC), celebrating post ‘60s popular and underground culture using the theme of music as a framework for discussing punk, underground comic books, DIY publications and women in sound.

Comic books, zines, posters and photographs from the Les Coleman Collection, Her Noise Archive and London Musicians’ Collective highlight the permeable relationship between art, music and politics, with photographs from Colin Jones and Dick Scott-Stewart offering context through their observations of music and youth culture.

Cropped frame from Love and Rockets

An evolving installation viewable from the shop front windows of LCC Studio, material will be revealed over the course of the exhibition, mirroring the unveiling of boxes within the moveable stacks of the archive. Visitors will be able to build their own DIY publication using information about the collections on display.

Performance slides from the Her Noise Archive

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