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Students launch BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography publication

white_space front cover by Rachele Caretti
white_space front cover by Rachele Caretti
Front cover image from white_space, a new publication by BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography students at LCC. Image by Rachele Caretti.
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17 February 2016

Students from BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC are launching a new triannual publication, white_space.

Zach Chudley, Editor of white_space calls the publication ‘a platform in which to discuss London’s evolving social and physical landscape’. He writes:

‘In the first issue of white_space, the editorial team showcase a collection of photo essays centred on the subject of Infrastructure. From London’s vanishing Victorian skyline, to the recent cyber-attacks on Talk Talk’s global HQ, themes of past, present and future help examine the growth and decline in one of the world’s leading cities.’

Postboxes image

James Drysdale Banks highlights the decline of the UK’s postal service.


Football pitch with gasometer in background

Rachele Caretti takes a tour of London’s vanishing Gasometers.


Battersea Power Station

Mon Levchenkova explores the City’s growing despondency to change through images of Battersea Power Station’s development.


Olympic Village Fountains

With Rio 2016 on the horizon, Zach Chudley reflects on the aftermath London’s celebrated 2012 Olympic Games.


Shot of plane taking off, ascending over the terminal

Dominic Fell takes a look into the runway expansion plan for London Heathrow.


Spitalfields Market night shift

Patrick Dowse documents what life is like on the night shift at Spitalfields Market.


Shot of London over the Thames, with Boris bikes, woman walking and overground train in the distance

Image from Ferhat Arslan and Antonios Charalambous’ feature on transporting London.

The full version of white_space will be available online shortly – details to follow.

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