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Spotlight on MA Sound Arts // LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016


Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
25 November 2016

LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016 continues into December with MA Sound Arts, an off-site show which opens with a Private View on Saturday 3 December 1-4pm, and runs until Saturday 10 December, when there is a symposium and afternoon of performances. We preview some of the highlights.

The exhibition takes place in and around the unusual acoustic and visual space of the Dilston Grove Gallery, the first poured-concrete church in the UK. Intensive and specialised, MA Sound Arts enables graduates to develop a conceptual and contextual understanding of sound arts practice and theory. This year’s exhibition brings you a mesmerising encounter with works that enquire into the relationships between sound and the world around us, touching on the political, environmental, architectural and musical.

Projects this year include Khaled Kaddal’s one-off performance ‘CODE 20’, after the police vernacular for a ‘traumatic case’. The work investigates and questions the bond between the sound of politics and the politics of sounds. How does the belliphonic sonic spectrum, the sounds produced by armed combat, affect the body and the memory?

Ilia Rogatchevski’s ‘Mute Frequencies’ (pictured above) explores the characteristics of radio as an electromagnetic phenomenon. Although radio waves are ubiquitous, their presence is not felt unless technology is used to access and demodulate carrier signals. In this way, the sound that is embedded within radio waves can be considered both present and absent in our environment.

This piece features discarded objects such as radio antennae, wood, copper wire and other found materials, assembled into mute sculptures that allude to the presence of radio, yet have no practical function. The possibility of sound is implied, but its capture is impossible.


Ilia Rogatchevski, 2016


Ilia Rogatchevski, 2016

Leanne Cunningham’s project presents sound poetry both as a tangible publication and a live performance, exploring the interplay between the self as multiple and the one self as total. The overlapping of multiple realities and fictions emphasises an endlessness and togetherness between different personas and something more honest. Cunningham’s work aims to project a representation and rejection of the absolute reality that visual representation can sometimes assume.


Leanne Cunningham, 2016


Leanne Cunningham, 2016

To experience these works and many more:

Postgraduate Shows 2016: MA Sound Arts
RSVP to Private View (3 December) or Symposium/Performances (10 December):
Exhibition open: Saturday 3 – Saturday 10 December, closed Monday and Tuesday
Times: 11am-4pm
Venue: CGP London, Dilston Grove, London SE16 2DD

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